Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Dream

This is the opening blog for what Kendall and I hope will be another reality.
We're hoping this blog will be filled with posts regarding the plethora of antiques and arts you will find at our newest venture, ARTifacts, An Arts & Antiques Emporium.
I'm not entirely sure this will happen--capital is needed, as are vendors, employees, improvements, you name it. I do feel, however, if I start acting like it will happen, it stands a better chance.
The plan is for approximately 20 booths of various size on the second floor of our building. The entrance will be located on what is now Legion Street, but soon to be Strawberry Alley. It will operate as most antique malls do. Booths will rent to individual vendors who will be responsible for their own displays and inventory. We will require superior displays and quality merchandise. No mass produced product will be allowed.
We plan to be a jury of two with regard to admitting the vendors and we're particular. We want everyone to have the opportunity to make this a successful venture, which can only be accomplished if everyone adheres to the strict guidelines with regard to display and inventory.
I guess that's enough ramblin' about something that's not even a sure thing.
There will be more to follow . . . I hope!