Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jodi’s Natural Body Products

Jodi has been with us at ARTifacts for a while now.  But the other day she brought in some new items to sell that I just had to share.  Then I want to share more specifics with you about her natural body products!

I only use cloth napkins at home.  It is good for the environment, makes me feel like even when the house is a mess, I can put together a nice kitchen table together for our family dinner.  These handmade dinner napkins can will help you with that look too.  Only $5.75/pair


I love these gift bags!  And I love that they are re-usable!  This special touch makes a gift mean so much more!


I am also a dishtowel person. I don’t even buy paper towels now.  And with these new dishtowels that JOdi is making, I won’t have too!  These are so cute & all unique – there is sure to be one here for everyone’s style and kitchen colors (if you care about things like that)  My favorite is the one with the words on it. 


Since we are already talking about kitchen napkins & dishtowels I wanted to mention Jodi’s cappuccino kitchen soap.  THis soap is perfect for wicking away the smells of the kitchen.  Fishy smelling or onion smelling hands will be tamed with this smell neutralizing soaps.DSCF1022

FInally a quick note about her all natural bath products.  My photos (as you can tell above) didn’t come out that well, so I am just going to have to tell you all about them.  She has a wonderful all natural lavender linen spray, face washes, Castile Goat’s Milk soaps, foot spray, natural deodorant, shampoos and conditioners – all scented with essential oils.  You will smell great while doing something special for your body & the environment.


See you downtown!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Furniture On Sale

Patsy Dollar has Slashed her price again!!! This Dresser is 2 pieces! Come in Quickly before its gone!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Vendor and New Space

So the mother/daughter team of “Belle’s Finale” moved in about a month ago now.  And right after they moved in, we had a front booth come available, and they moved up to it. 

So here are a few photos of their new space!

Belle's Finale

Belle's FinaleDSCF1005DSCF1006DSCF1010DSCF1011DSCF1012DSCF1014DSCF1015DSCF1016

See you downtown!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kids Store Downtown?

I was at a meeting last month, and someone was saying that they had heard it said that they wish there was more items for kids birthday presents, gifts, accessories at the downtown shops…..well, I think  ARTifacts alone has a ton, then you expand your view to Hodgepodge & Ingredients and there are even more! And as what fun things you can take them to do – don’t forget that the Roxy is about to open their production of "BIG RIVER" - you don't want to miss that!

SO, if you have ever hear the same thing – check out what we have to share with you!

Hodgepodge carries Robeez (soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers), baby quilts, sock monkey collectibles, darling hand made dresses from vintage pillowcases and these monogrammable chenille baby blankets.
Ingredients has kids aprons, kid sized cooking utensils and more!
Here is what you can find in our humble collection of vendors at ARTifacts!

Ballerina painting from Jillian.

More ballerina fun at Tutu Good!  Buy from the selection she has for you – order special order your favorites.


All kinds of kid fun in The Dollhouse!  She has fun hair clips, brooches and more!

Below is a great display example for a kids room.  Love the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell tray and the vintage drawer with favorite reading books stored inside.
What kids bathroom doesn’t need this friendly reminder?  Hee hee
The Dollhouse always has dollhouse furniture for kids to use their imagination.DSCF1105
Personalize these darling shirts for you favorite little ones from Three Lindys
See you downtown!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

All Kinds of Sales at ARTifacts Emporium

So we have all kinds of fun sales happening  right now – and you never know when they are going to end – so you might want to hurry in!

O’ Baby is having a 30% off sale! 

(excludes frames)

O'Baby's booth at ARTifacts Emporium

The Dollhouse is having a RED TAG SALE

on tons of items in her booth!  Hurry in for the best selection!

Tool Box in The Dollhouse

Need a graduation gift?  Wedding Gift? 

Relative Collections is offering all special order Architectural Alphabet at $31.50 each!  This is almost a $20 savings each!



Have you “LIKED” us on Facebook yet?  You should!  We put last minutelikeImage sales, new arrival notes and more for those who “LIKE” us!

See you downtown!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Thursday ArtWalk Featured Vendors





Rebecca has long been a collector of all things lovingly worn by time.  For many years she has been incorporating these found items into her artwork and designs.  All sorts of treasures, from vintage papers to handcrafted journals to yesterday's treasures, can be found at Rebecca's ARTifacts space.










Bob Williams builds "shaker" style furniture of his own design or yours. Benches are his favorite things to build but tables and other pieces are available on order. We have these pieces for sale in their booth along with some other fun collectibles .



Come see us!!! Crystal