Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Sales at ARTifacts

While I am still waiting to get access to a computer that can easily handle my photos - I am taking a break from the Creation Tuesday and Fab Find Friday. I will try to find a solution this week - so stay tuned!

In the meantime - here are some great deals going on - we have 3 new sales that started TODAY!

Oh Baby! has all her furniture on 20% off

LilyBelle Antiques is having a 25% sale off everything in her booth

Jo's Antiques is offering 30% off her entire booth
(excluding items in the glass cabinet).

This is one of the best deals I have seen these 3 vendors do! You don't want to miss it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turning My Frown Upside Down!

I am struggling with acceptance right now.  My laptop....it is sick...so sick I have to mail it away.  It is a very sad time for me.  I got as much backed up as possible, but then my charger also stopped working so I had 9% battery power left last night as I started backing up my files. 

Now, why am I telling you all this.  Well - I missed Creation Tuesday & Fab Find Friday because of it.  It has been going slowly downhill this entire week - and I have been struggling to keep it going while I waited for the OK from the warranty company to send it back.  Got the ok, just as the charger went bad.

I am hoping I can get the blog done from here at the shop - but the hook up for the camera isn't as good, so I will likely have to do it at home - which that computer isn't doing very well right now either (which of course, I didn't find out until the laptop got sick)  It is all very tragic

I hope to be able to figure out solutions to all my problems this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for me if you would!

IN THE MEANTIME!!  What is happening at ARTifacts & Downtown??!!

The Downtown Market is today - everyone is stopping in the shop with the fresh grown corn, and other goodies. I hope you make it down too.

At ARTifacts - there are several new arrivals that must be checked out in person!

There is a huge new collection of vintage frames that have arrived in Oh Baby!s booth.

The Dollhouse just brought in several new pieces - including her popular clothes pin dolls in their full Independence Day Ragala!

Seay Soaps has restocked her soaps.  They smell positively amazing!

Wood worker Guy Bozard, has brought in a couple new tables that you have to see to believe the quality!

Antique Dealer, Jo Rhoads is continuing her Yellow Star Sale in her booth.  Everything with a Yellow Star has a special price on them. 

LilyBelle Antiques has some amazing new collectibles and fantasic vintage cameras in stock.

Design by Sharla has restocked her jewelry on her shelf - great new pieces that everyone will love.

Bob the Builder is totally re-doing his booth as I type this out - wonder what new items he will have for us?!

See you downtown! Cheers!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Clarksville Family Magazine – June Craft

This months craft that was published in Clarksville Family Magazine was all about summer vacation.  We aren’t going far from home this year.  I believe the popular term now a days is “Stay-cations” instead of vacations.

Well – to keep my kids from getting bored, or bugging us too much with “what are we going to do today”, I got them involved.  First we sat down and came up with every idea we could of what we wanted to do this summer.  We ended-up with a huge list, so we had to come up with a way to make it more organized so we’ll get it all done.

I came up with the idea of giving each week a theme. Such as: Water Week, Museum Week, Fairy Week and more. I was able to put almost all the ideas that we had come up with during the family meeting under one of these categories.

Then we made a memory book. On each double page, we wrote down the weekly theme (they don’t have to be in order, just put them in!)  For example – the kids had put the pool at Aunt Paige’s, the Water Park and the sprinkler – that became water week.  Animal Week includes visit the zoo, a local farm, going to Build A Bear and making a wild animal, and making animal masks.

We have already had MONSTER week (finished it Friday!) We saw Beauty and the Beast at the Roxy *and we put our tickets in our book; went to see Shrek 3 (tickets are glued in the book), made monster-sized cookies (took photos for the book) and we watch a family movie of “where the wild things are” (found a photo of the book online for the book).  We went to the zoo – and saw the crocodiles, tigers and anaconda.  All monsters.  You get the idea – make a list, find common ideas, assign themes, get creative with additional theme based ideas, then get out there.  The full article can be found in the Clarksville Family Magazine or on their website

What theme weeks do you think will be fun to try?  Here are a few more of our plans:

Water Week

Fairy Week

History Week

Go fishing

Make fairy wings

Clarksville Monuments

Run the sprinkler

Make fairy masks

Clarksville Driving Tour

Go to pool

Have a fairy party

Trail of Tears

Water Park

Make fairy houses

Nashville Monuments

Visit all Clarksville Water (river, fountains, creeks, etc)


Bubble Week

Museum Week

Animal Week

Make our own bubbles.

Visit the Customs House Museum

Go to the Zoo

Go to bubble room at Custom’s House Museum

Visit Ft. Campbell Museums

Visit a farm

Learn to blow bubbles with bubble gum

Visit the Adventure Science Museum

See Charlotte’s Web at The Children’s Theatre in Nashville


TN State Museum

Make animal masks

Cooking Week

Have A Ball Week

Cook breakfast

Go bowling

Cook lunch

Play putt putt

Cook dinner

Play soccer

Cook desserts

Play tee ball

Have fun!!! Then come back here and share what you did! 

See you downtown – Cheers!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Join in the fun!

Many of you are already followers of our ARTifacts blog, but did you know there are ways to follow the blog and always know what is happening? Never miss a new post?  Find out about new arrivals before others?  Be in the know?

Well there is!  You can sign up to our Feedburner.  Feedburner will email you our posts to the blog at the end of each day – so you are sure to not miss a thing!  Or you can sign up to be a Google Follower using Google friend connect. 

Pick either or both!  Just sign up by July 4th to be entered into the drawing.  Sign up for Feedburner & Google Follower and be entered twice to win.  And those of you who already follow – no worries – you are already entered!!

Forward this to all your friends and family – let them know about the fun we have at ARTifacts!!

See you downtown! Cheers!

Glass Galore

I love glass, vintage colored glass, glass bottles, glass ornaments, vintage glass jewelry – all things glass.  And to top it off, my kids are finally old enough that I can start having a few more glass items around without being overly worried that it will all be broken soon.  (would you believe that my kid broke some of my glass bottles just a few hours after I typed this?!!) …but anyway…

DSCF0013 I have learn a lot about real vintage glass since we opened, I started with learning about the basics - Anchor Hocking Forest Green, Sandwich Glass, Bubble, Fire King Swirl and Blue Mosaic are some popular vintage glass patterns that are easy enough for a novice to pick out among at the dime store glass at a thrift store, and I definitely qualify as a novice.


Jo Rhoads, a vendor that has been with ARTifacts since we opened, has some truly antique, truly special glass pieces.


Love the pattern on this vintage cake stand – the star pattern is very unique.  AND Jo has a sale on it right now. 

DSCF0021 And more glass – this time milk glass – and another special price.

And it isn’t just glass that Jo is offering these star specials on – but all kinds of one of a kind pieces in her booth.  Come check out her exceptional collection of vintage glass pieces – and other hard to find specialty items.

See you downtown!  Cheers!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Downtown Saturday

Just a reminder of all the fun stuff happening in Downtown Clarksville today, Saturday June 5th.

downtownmarket-logoDowntown Market is open!  And rumor is that the produce is looking better this week.  Mind you, I know Paige served the most amazing tomatoes from last weeks market, so I am not sure how those can be topped!

beautyandbeastAnother opportunity to see Beauty & the Beast Jr at the Roxy Regional Theatre. 

FlyerSo much fun the last time around – don’t miss out again this month!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fab Find Friday!


Fun times today!  I had a busy, but productive day today.  What a fun day!  Many things new in the shop – come back this week to watch for the new arrivals! 

In the meantime, let’s get on with Fab Find Friday!


A customer noticed this mixer today – and I realized that although it is one of my favorite pieces, I have never included it on the blog.  This mixer is in Tammy’s booth, with a very reasonable price tag for all I love old kitchen tools – how many cakes do you think this mixer has made?

Vintage Pickle JarAnother one of my favorites – I really like this old pickle jar.  I love the shape of it, and the wooden handle.  All kinds of uses for it since it still has a strong seal.  Utilitarian uses could include using it to store flour, sugar or cookies!  Or you could use it as a display piece.  All kinds of possibilities.  What would you use it for?

Have a FAB Find Weekend with us!

Don’t forget tomorrow is the monthly event “The Roost Vintage Sale”.  Come down and see what the vendors for this event have collected.

The Roost Vintage Sale logo

See you downtown! Cheers!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Its that time again! Another fabulous Artwalk is happening tonight! Click the link below for all the details of the night!!!


See ya tonight !