Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turning My Frown Upside Down!

I am struggling with acceptance right now.  My is sick I have to mail it away.  It is a very sad time for me.  I got as much backed up as possible, but then my charger also stopped working so I had 9% battery power left last night as I started backing up my files. 

Now, why am I telling you all this.  Well - I missed Creation Tuesday & Fab Find Friday because of it.  It has been going slowly downhill this entire week - and I have been struggling to keep it going while I waited for the OK from the warranty company to send it back.  Got the ok, just as the charger went bad.

I am hoping I can get the blog done from here at the shop - but the hook up for the camera isn't as good, so I will likely have to do it at home - which that computer isn't doing very well right now either (which of course, I didn't find out until the laptop got sick)  It is all very tragic

I hope to be able to figure out solutions to all my problems this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for me if you would!

IN THE MEANTIME!!  What is happening at ARTifacts & Downtown??!!

The Downtown Market is today - everyone is stopping in the shop with the fresh grown corn, and other goodies. I hope you make it down too.

At ARTifacts - there are several new arrivals that must be checked out in person!

There is a huge new collection of vintage frames that have arrived in Oh Baby!s booth.

The Dollhouse just brought in several new pieces - including her popular clothes pin dolls in their full Independence Day Ragala!

Seay Soaps has restocked her soaps.  They smell positively amazing!

Wood worker Guy Bozard, has brought in a couple new tables that you have to see to believe the quality!

Antique Dealer, Jo Rhoads is continuing her Yellow Star Sale in her booth.  Everything with a Yellow Star has a special price on them. 

LilyBelle Antiques has some amazing new collectibles and fantasic vintage cameras in stock.

Design by Sharla has restocked her jewelry on her shelf - great new pieces that everyone will love.

Bob the Builder is totally re-doing his booth as I type this out - wonder what new items he will have for us?!

See you downtown! Cheers!

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