Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red, White & Blue

The most emotional set of colors in the English language – “Red, White & Blue”.  You hear the words and you FEEL patriotic. 

Hear the words spoken in the wrong order, and you think “that’s not right”.

See them together and you think “America”.  Not many things induce a reaction so strong from so many.  In celebration and recognition of the upcoming Independence Day, I am going to blog those colors!  Today Red, tomorrow white, Monday blue. Finally on Tuesday – things that are all three.

Enjoy! And thanks to Rebecca Sower for sharing the mosaic photo collage creator!  What FUN!


1. DSCF1026, 2. Coral pendant and bracelet - Pat Jones Jewelry, 3. Train Case - Petticoat Junktion, 4. Repurposed Red Candle - Darling Pottery, 5. Stoneware pitcher, 6. Handmade towel by Jodi S, 7. Red, White and Blue tutu - by Tutu Good, 8. Vintage Red Tool Box, 9. Vintage Apron - The Dollhouse, 10. Red Vintage Cross-Belle's Finale, 11. Red & Silver chandelier Earrings - Appealing Jewelry Design, 12. Repurposed wool purse - Felted Lady, 13. Red Buffet in Relative Collections, 14. Photo by Jillian Romano, 15. Handmade Apron, Rebecca Sower, 16. Jewelry box in the Daisy, 17. Flower Art - The Daisy, 18. James Dean Sign - The Daisy, 19. Patriotic Image - Jennifer Reverri, 20. Rose Photograph - Jennifer Reverri, 21. Cherries on a desk - Reisa Peters, 22. Soap Dish - Loose Potter23. Not available24. Not available25. Not available

Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome Ideas N Wood!

I was online the other day, trying to find a perfect birthday gift for my sister, Paige – owner of Hodgepodge & ARTifacts,and I came across this wonderfully gifted artisan.  I couldn’t help myself, I wrote him a letter right away, inviting him to join the fun at ARTifacts.

Glad he agreed to join us!  It always amazing to me that there are so many extraordinarily talented people in Clarksville, and Darin is one of those talents.

Here we see a collection of Ideas N Wood creations.  First the cedar tie organizer, then the most fun puzzle piece photo frames.  What I am even more fond of with these photo frames is that you can pick them made of MDF or pine wood that can be stained.  Have one frame or add on until your entire family has a piece of the puzzle!


The photos don’t do these boxes justice.  Hollow inside for hiding your favorite trinkets.


These one of a kind lamps are beautiful!  Left is light off, right is light on! Isn’t it beautiful!





Sadly, I didn’t notice until it was too late that this photo focused on the items IN the mirror, not the MIRRORS!  Sorry.

They are beautiful – hopefully you can still see the wonderful designs on the back of these hand held mirrors.


Don’t want to miss out on these frames too.

As you can see Ideas N Wood has all kinds of wonderful items to share with everyone at ARTifacts.

Stop by and see them in person!

See you downtown!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured Artist–Darling Pottery


Featured Vendor for June is Kelly of Darling Pottery.


But don’t let the name fool you – Darling Pottery is just part of her creative talents. 

Here you can see the wood knitting needles & crochet sticks – and some hair sticks mixed in there too.

All hand made.




Handmade Recycled candles!





And now for the pottery! 




Pictures just don’t do it justice!  Come see all her pieces in person!

See you downtown!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Stuff–Part 1

Hi all!  There are so many new special arrivals at the shop this week!  But I can’t get them all into one blog post, so you will have to return tomorrow to see the rest!  And of course, after that we have our new featured vendors for June so you will have to come back and visit us again on the 1st to see what those vendors have been up too!

O’ Baby has been hard at work again.  Loving this new white blanket chest.  I took home her black one – and I just LOVE it.  Now here is your chance to get this white one.  I love the detail on the wood applique.  And I love the red travel case. I would love to bring it home and put guest towels, washcloths and other small toiletries for the guest bathroom.


Appealing Jewelry Designs brought in all kinds of new pieces,  here are just a few of her new additions.

DSCF1004 (2)

Designs by Sharla is getting her craft on, and expanded her horizons from her jewelry pieces to these fun metal chalkboard trays.  In fun colors, these trays can be used as magnet boards or chalkboards.  FUN!


Gail Meyer has also refreshed with 2 new pieces to her booth.  Both pieces have this wonderfully soothing lilac coloring. 


Come back Saturday for Part Deux!

See you downtown!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Vendor–Mary-Gail Russ

Welcome to the shop Mary-Gail!  Mary-Gail has made all kinds of unique pieces for all of us to enjoy!  DSCF1001

Here is her entire space.  Mary-Gail has a double shelf and has managed to utilize every single square inch!  I LOVE IT!


Altered books – these three examples of her work are just beautiful!  I love the celtic knot one so much!  (those of you who know me best, are really not surprised by that at all!)


Darling bird houses made from upcycled license plates.  They are so cute!


How can these little critters not make you smile?  Mary-Gail has several sock monkeys to share – all with individual characters that have been developed.  So fun!


These scrap knot rugs are amazing.  Have you ever seen one of these being made?  So much work goes into them.  And WOW these are great!!


I love the colors and designs of the fabrics Mary-Gail used on this small quilt. 

The other item she has for sale in her booth are her fun cork memo boards – but my photos didn’t turn out very well, so you will have to come and see those – and those cute sock monkeys in person!

See you downtown!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Featured Antique Vendor–Jo’s Antiques

Jo Rhoads has been with ARTifacts since the beginning.  I have learned something new from Jo once a month – and it is always interesting and fun!

Here is what Jo has to say about her booth.


“I got the antique bug when I was a young woman.  I am addicted to auctions and I love to browse antique shops when I travel.  I love the feeling of having all those beautiful old items of interest around me.  They just “speak” to me of all the history they represent – of happy times, of hard times, of sad times, of good times and of loved ones past.  They have a way of comforting me.


“Antiques are a root to our past.  As a little child, I was always fascinated by an old 18th century cupboard which sat on a back porch at my grandmother’s home in Kentucky, chucked full of glass jars filled with homemade jams, jellies, home grown gren beans and everything grown in the garden, even potatoes.  In those days, they even canned homemade sausages.DSCF1027

“After years of enjoying my personal antiques, I began collecting them to sell for others to enjoy. My motto is “I will find your antiques for you.


“Although I am drawn to all types of glassware, my booths contain everything from art work to furniture.  I also specialize in vintage jewelry.” – Jo








See you downtown!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Look!!!


Patsy has redone her booth at has some Amazing new soaps! Stop by and check it out!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Featured Artist for ArtWalk tonight

Rachel Wainwright, creator of Previously A Plate say’s

"Old dishes are a work of art and I love to make them into wearable pieces.  They are cut from old English transferware or ironstone and are as unique as the places I find them.  Do you have a piece from an ancestor just gathering dust in your china closet?  Bring it down to ARTifacts and let me make it into something special to wear for you and your loved ones.  Come to ART walk on Thursday and watch me work!"


Rachel will be present at ArtWalk, and will demonstrate the technique she uses to make this jewelry.  She will also be doing some give aways, so you don’t want to miss out on this evening!


This bird and cat design are new additions to Rachel’s collection.


As is this belt buckle – these and her State Plate belts are favorites in her booth.






See you downtown!