Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red, White & Blue

The most emotional set of colors in the English language – “Red, White & Blue”.  You hear the words and you FEEL patriotic. 

Hear the words spoken in the wrong order, and you think “that’s not right”.

See them together and you think “America”.  Not many things induce a reaction so strong from so many.  In celebration and recognition of the upcoming Independence Day, I am going to blog those colors!  Today Red, tomorrow white, Monday blue. Finally on Tuesday – things that are all three.

Enjoy! And thanks to Rebecca Sower for sharing the mosaic photo collage creator!  What FUN!


1. DSCF1026, 2. Coral pendant and bracelet - Pat Jones Jewelry, 3. Train Case - Petticoat Junktion, 4. Repurposed Red Candle - Darling Pottery, 5. Stoneware pitcher, 6. Handmade towel by Jodi S, 7. Red, White and Blue tutu - by Tutu Good, 8. Vintage Red Tool Box, 9. Vintage Apron - The Dollhouse, 10. Red Vintage Cross-Belle's Finale, 11. Red & Silver chandelier Earrings - Appealing Jewelry Design, 12. Repurposed wool purse - Felted Lady, 13. Red Buffet in Relative Collections, 14. Photo by Jillian Romano, 15. Handmade Apron, Rebecca Sower, 16. Jewelry box in the Daisy, 17. Flower Art - The Daisy, 18. James Dean Sign - The Daisy, 19. Patriotic Image - Jennifer Reverri, 20. Rose Photograph - Jennifer Reverri, 21. Cherries on a desk - Reisa Peters, 22. Soap Dish - Loose Potter23. Not available24. Not available25. Not available

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