Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our Early Bird Specials are still going!  We had an amazing turn out yesterday of customers excited to get these discounts - I hope to see as many of you today! 


That said - It is pretty warm up here, and with the Heat Advisory, we may be closing early.  We promise to be here until 1pm, but after that, please give us a call or check our Facebook page for our status. 

STAY COOL!  And see you downtown!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured Vendor–Eunice Kern

Eunice designs and hand paints silk scarves . Each scarf is an original design hand painted in sophisticated colors that merge into flowing abstracts or more defined designs.



In her artist statement, Eunice, said “she is drawn to the simplicity of silk and its ability to ebb and flow in mysterious ways once the brush loaded with silk dye touches the silk. I just go with the flow, letting the colors model the shapes and rhythms of each piece.”DSCF1057DSCF1058






Come play with Eunice’s scarves and visit with us downtown!


See you downtown!



Friday, July 15, 2011

End of the hot stuff


vintage-comics-49-little-devil-cover-magnetGot a bit of a theme going here with this little guy and the HOT STUFF. 


Here is the final “new stuff” and we are all caught up – then on to get to know our new vendors!!





First let’s look again at these amazing handmade journals made by Rebecca Sower.  She has brought in a few new goodies for us to enjoy.  Each one special, each one unique. 








New arriver Ideas N Wood – has made this amazing lamp – perfect for so many things – accent table or a romantic feel in the bedroom.  Or a nightlight in the living room – so many  options,







Made by the Copper Butterfly, everDSCF1043y teen will want one of these for their lockers!  Fix your hair, write notes about homework or someone phone number. 


And Libby’s Nook n Cranny has been bringing in vintage windows for all you crafters out there!  This one is only $9.  Great price!

Well, that is all the “new hot stuff” for now.  There are so many more goodies to share over the next few days – all our new vendors.


Interested in having a booth at ARTIfacts?  You are in luck!  We have separated out a couple of our larger spaces into several smaller spaces, making it so we can fit in more of you extraordinary talented artists, artisans and antique dealers from the Clarksville and surrounding towns.

Interested?  Curious?  Give me a call!  Email!  Call – 931.249.0454.

See you downtown!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More hot stuff

Signage is a favorite these days – signs that help us communicate better, or signage that has something to say.

Libby’s Nook and Cranny has made several of these magnet/chalkboard frames – fantastic for all kinds of things – grocery list and coupons held on with magnets. 




Made by Relative Collections, this shopping list has a burlap background.  Just a dry erase marker makes this the perfect for your grocery list.







This is a wonderful goodie handmade by Gabriele Wardiener.  Do you read your books on a kindle?  Then Gabriele has created this wonderful case from vintage fabric to keep your kindle safe.








This next goodie is also made by Gabriele Wardiener – it is an ostrich egg that has been hand painted.  It has the different season painted all the way around.  Very special piece!





Another new arrival from Belle’s Finale – love this ice cream parlor table and chairs – and a sweet *pun not intended* deal!


See you downtown!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still warm?

OK – I am on a roll with the “hot stuff” photos – what do you think about THIS one?


Found this one on eBay!  FUNNY!


But anyway, I promised more photos of new stuff today, so here they are!






Gabriele brought in this really special abstract piece she put together.  I love it – but as with most art that I try to photograph for the website/blog  - I rarely do them justice.  This artwork is better viewed in person.


Reisa Peters is one of our wonderful artists.  Focusing mostly on pastel, she has an amazing gift!  She has treated us all with making greeting cards out of her most popular pieces.  Several that have sold and won’t ever be available but as prints.  So she created these oversized greeting cards – PERFECT!  You don’t even have to mail them – get them for yourself, as mini art for your walls.  OR mail them to your favorite people. (I got one to mail to one of my favorite people in England.  It will remind her of a favorite book of both of ours.  So excited about these cards!)






Rebecca Sower has been busy at work making all kinds of new goodies for her booth here at ARTifacts.  I am so excited to share some of them with you – but you better hurry!  She had a bunch of these fun fabric flowers when she brought them in less than a week ago – and already down to these last few.


Relative Collections has been having fun making all kinds of vintage looking signage.  Here is the lastest. 











What else is new?  Well, come back in the morning for a few more photos to piqué your interest!

See you downtown!

“What’s Happening Hot Stuff?”

Anytime I hear the sentence “what’s happening hot stuff?” I am brought back to a time of my “youth” to the movie that soon became a cultural icon of the time – “16 Candles”


So, it is hot, and I am hearing that phrase A LOT this week.  And I am saying it a lot this week.  Let’s see what we have at ARTifacts to cool you down – to tempt you to brave this heat and come see what we have to share with you today!

Petticoat Junktion (aka, o’Baby) always has unique and inspired pieces for sale in her booth.  These new hanging organizers are her latest addition!  Made from old drawfront, door molding, reclaimed wood, etc – she has taken vintage drawer pulls and made all unique pieces.  The large piece pictured below is perfect for handing guest towels or bathrobes.  The smaller would make a wonderful display for your jewelry!  I use a piece like this for my jewelry and it is so much easier to use then any other jewelry organizer I have ever had.


New to ARTifacts is Debra Harrison, but since she is still freshening and stocking her booth, I just wanted to share my favorite piece with you.  I am in love with these bunny bookends!  Use them for what they are made for (bookends, duh!) OR keep them together for the special and unique display item that they are – so sweet!


As always, Rachel of Appealing Designs Jewelry has outdone herself!  I am in love with this new men’s bracelet she has added to her booth here at ARTifacts.  Mixing the copper, stainless steel and jasper is perfect for any masculine man to wear!


I am a big fan of buttons, which you may recall from a previous post – and these new bracelets from The Felted Lady are no exception! 


That is 4 new arrivals.  More in a couple hours!

See you downtown!