Wednesday, July 13, 2011

“What’s Happening Hot Stuff?”

Anytime I hear the sentence “what’s happening hot stuff?” I am brought back to a time of my “youth” to the movie that soon became a cultural icon of the time – “16 Candles”


So, it is hot, and I am hearing that phrase A LOT this week.  And I am saying it a lot this week.  Let’s see what we have at ARTifacts to cool you down – to tempt you to brave this heat and come see what we have to share with you today!

Petticoat Junktion (aka, o’Baby) always has unique and inspired pieces for sale in her booth.  These new hanging organizers are her latest addition!  Made from old drawfront, door molding, reclaimed wood, etc – she has taken vintage drawer pulls and made all unique pieces.  The large piece pictured below is perfect for handing guest towels or bathrobes.  The smaller would make a wonderful display for your jewelry!  I use a piece like this for my jewelry and it is so much easier to use then any other jewelry organizer I have ever had.


New to ARTifacts is Debra Harrison, but since she is still freshening and stocking her booth, I just wanted to share my favorite piece with you.  I am in love with these bunny bookends!  Use them for what they are made for (bookends, duh!) OR keep them together for the special and unique display item that they are – so sweet!


As always, Rachel of Appealing Designs Jewelry has outdone herself!  I am in love with this new men’s bracelet she has added to her booth here at ARTifacts.  Mixing the copper, stainless steel and jasper is perfect for any masculine man to wear!


I am a big fan of buttons, which you may recall from a previous post – and these new bracelets from The Felted Lady are no exception! 


That is 4 new arrivals.  More in a couple hours!

See you downtown!

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