Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Raffle Winners

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for helping to make our 12 Days of Christmas Sales Event so spectacular!  We had a great time helping you shop for your hard to shop for people on your lists, and know everyone is going to be grateful for your excellent shopping selections!
I had thought this post went out 2 weeks ago - but apparently my upgrade in my blogging software kept a few of my posts from happening - so here it is!!
This year everyone is fining that being frugal with their shopping doesn't have to mean just going to a big box store and getting one of those box sets.  Instead, taking the time to select a special gift for each person is not only more rewarding, but more appreciated every time!  Thanks for including ARTifacts on your shopping stops to find those gifts!

The winners for our Raffles!

Gabriele Wardeiner, artist, makes wonderfully special art cards for all seasons and occassions.  Her cards are very popular and each one is different from the next!  Gabriele was kind enough to donate 24 of her cards to our raffle.  So, we have picked 1 winner for each of our 12 days of Christmas - and each winner listed below will get to select 2 cards from a collection. 

Congratulations to:
Ann Crouch                              Shanna Bergeson                       Betty Stubbs
Viola Butts                               Laura Feagley                            Tammy Bellenger
Tina Southern                          Jo Ann Thomack                        Kristi Kimmell
Madeline Laewen                    Madison Crawford                     Kathryn Eklund

Gail Meyer has painted an amazing piece of downtown Clarksville and reproduced that art onto oversized postcards for purchase.  She also was kind enough to donate a group of these postcards for our drawing.  Thanks Gail!

Winner for the Franklin Street postcards is Ricky Hadden!  Congratulations Ricky!

Rachel Ison of Appealing Jewelry Designs is an extrodinairy artist with wire!  She can take a simple stone, wrap it in silver wire, and make that piece remarkable and  100% unique!  Rachel has donated an amazing necklace set to our raffle.

Congratulations to all!

Store Hours & Sales this Holiday Week at ARTifacts Emporium

Needing to entertain visiting family and friends?  Why not introduce them to Downtown Clarksville?

There is history, architecture, beautiful Christmas lights, shopping, dining & fun times all around!

Here are our hours this week and next week!  Hope you continue to with a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

Store Hours
Thursday 30th - 10 to 7
Friday 31th - 10 to 2
Saturday 1st - CLOSED
Sunday 12 to 4
Monday 10 to 3
Tuesday - 10 to 6 and back to our regularly scheduled programming!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Open Today until 2pm!

Don't miss out!  We are open until 2pm today!
50% off in 3 vendors booths
35% off in others!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 Days Remaining!

Well good morning all!  I hope you all ready for the holidays!  If you still have some shopping needs, please consider shopping downtown! 

I know I will be running to Ingredients today for some last minute chutney for an appetizer and maybe some herbs for my rub for the pork shoulder we will be smoking in the cooker this weekend.  Then to Rogate’s Boutique for some jewelry for my Christmas outfit.  Over to Blondie’s for a peppermint mocha cafĂ© a lait (um YUM!!).  Hodgepodge for some Christmas ornaments to adorn the top of my Christmas gifts.  Betty’s Antiques for some extra chair shopping for the Christmas table. Finally, I will head up to ARTifacts – get some Christmas cards for the last few family’s that I didn’t have enough for, maybe a knitted hat with a flower for my 9 year old to give as a gift to my 5 year old, from Tutu Good.  Finishing off the morning at Lovin Spoonful for a lunch with my parents who are visiting from out of town (hoping for chivan divan!!)

The possibilities are endless – but the time is not!  Here are the hours we have remaining for your shopping convenience!

Thursday 10 to 7pm!! 
That’s right 7pm!

Friday 10-2pm


Merry Christmas from Paige, Kendall, Crystal & all the vendors here at ARTifacts Emporium!

See you downtown!

A few of Paige’s Favorite things

So, to continue the fun with our favorite things, I had Paige – owner of ARTifacts & Hodgepodge – come up and pick her favorite things in ARTifacts too.  Fun to see how differently we are all attracted to things!  If you can’t view the slideshow below click here.


ARTifacts will be open today, Wednesday from 10-6, Thursday from 10-7, and Friday - Christmas Eve - until 2pm. Don't forget to come downtown for your final Christmas shopping needs! We are hear for you!

See you downtown!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Arrivals at ARTifacts Emporium

Holidays are less then a week away – can you believe it?  I know I can’t!  

Are you ready? I know I’m not!  But I do get closer everyday at ARTifacts Emporium!  Gabriele brought in something PERFECT for my daughter late yesterday – and it is already in our hiding spot ready for wrapping this week!

But no worries, while I did deprive you all of that one goodie – there are loads more that have arrived. (PLUS, VINTAGE MARY just told me to start a 50% off sale in her booth!  50% OFF!)

So, below are some photos of new arrivals from the last 2 days.  Hope you enjoy!  If they don’t load – CLICK HERE to view.

See you downtown!  Remember – Sundays 12-4 and Mondays 10-3!



Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow doesn't stop us!

Already received a few calls asking if we are open today.  Of course we are!  We will be here until 3pm today - so come by on this surprisely chilly day and get a bit more of your Holiday shopping completed! 
I will be posting the winners of our 12 Days of Christmas Raffle Winners later today so be sure to come back and check it out!

See you downtown!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Final Days of 12 Days of Christmas Event!

You are running out of time!!  Time for holiday shopping and time remaining in our shops 12 Days of Christmas Event!!  You really don’t want to miss out on all these great sales!  Did I mention what all is on sale?  NO?  Well, I guess you will just have to come in to see for yourself!  But I have a huge list of specials in most of our booths to hand you as you walk in the door!  And I have hot cider, snacks and drawings for all kinds of free stuff!!!  You don’t want to miss out on that!

I wanted to share a few items with you that are on remarkable sales – check these out!  Then come back later – hopefully I will get Paige at Hodgepodge to come up to the shop and share with us a Few of HER favorite things!

Love this banjo!  And the price is amazing!!


This old world looking Santa is in Vintage Mary and he was a great price to start with – but with her 12 Days of Christmas sale – WOW – perfect for anyone that collects Santas!


Charlotte Nelms has marked several of her paintings at a special price – this one just happens to be my favorite.  Thistles!  Love them! DSCF1027 

Another amazing piece by Gail Meyer.  Already an unbelievable price for Gail’s work – but then the 12 Days sales discount! Perfect for any budget!!

DSCF1025Expecting a larger crowd then normal this year?  Need more table space?  This drop leaf table is an amazing deal at $50 from Busy Bees!!!!  I know I want it – don’t you?


Also from Busy Bees, this last set of ornaments bunched up and pretty!  $5 for the entire grouping! 


Ellen Markham makes these amazing characters all from recycled wool pieces!  They are all hand made by Ellen herself. You have got to see the quality of these to believe it!  The photos just don’t show you how great these collectible items really are! (Mom – you will love these! Especially her sweet angel!)

DSCF1016 DSCF1015

Well – that’s all for now!  Better get brewing that apple cider so everyone can have a cup when they stop by ARTifacts today! 

See you soon downtown!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crystal’s Favorite Things!

So, a couple of days ago – I shared a few of my favorite things here at ARTifacts Emporium.  I asked Crystal, the other gal that works here at ARTifacts with me, to take photos of her favorite things also!! 

Here you go!  Enjoy!

See you downtown!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things - REPOST

We are running out of time – I really think each year we have less and less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Don’t you? I mean, I KNOW there are about the same number of days, but sometimes it just seems like we have less each year. 

I keep having friends ask me, “What do you have up in your shop that you would give as a gift for someone who (INSERT WHAT EVER HERE!)”.  I have only been stumped once.  And they were much more specific…ok, I have to share, because it is just too funny!

Kendall: Thanks for calling ARTifacts, this is Kendall.
Customer:  Yeah, I really need to find a special gift for a family member.  Do you have any wood or metal trouts?
Kendall:  Wood….or….metal….trouts….that is a good one.  Nope, sorry – can’t help you at all!!

True story.  They wanted a wood or metal TROUT.

Anywhoo – here are the answers to everyone that has ever asked me that question (minus the trout lady – wish I could have helped her!!)


YOu can go to the photo gallery for a complete description of these items on my list of a Few of my favorite things!!

What are you favorites at ARTifacts? I will share photos, just tell me!

See you downtown!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 Days & Parades & Cookie Contest & More!

There is so much going on today – I don’t want to miss out on any of it (thanks Crystal for swapping work days with me so I can have fun with the family!!)

First we are on day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Event!  You wouldn’t believe the sales that most of our vendors are offering to all of you! 

day2 day3







We have drawings for all kinds of goodies, and wonderful refreshments for everyone to enjoy and use to warm up from the cold outside.

And tonight, don’t forget is Nighttime Christmas Parade!


Come up for some shopping and hot cider after the parade!  I will be around as long as customers keep coming in!

See you downtown!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Sale at ARTifacts

We have sales!    We have decor!

We have gifts!   We have it all!

And it is on sale!!!

For the 12 Days of Christmas!day1

Join over 40 vendors at ARTifacts for 12 days of shopping joy!  We have giveaways, we have sales, we have inspiration and we have refreshments!

See you SOON downtown!

December 2010 Issue of Clarksville Family Magazine

For many months now, we have done an article with Clarksville Family Magazine featuring a family art project.   This months feature will be our last project because of time restrictions, but here is our last article for all to see!!

We had a great time with this project!  I have a thing for wooden spools.  Who knows why since I don’t really know how to sew (just as my best friend who has spent countless hours trying to help me seam rip all my errors!!).  So, I have been collecting them when I see them – not knowing what to do with them but knowing there must be 100s of ideas out there.

Here are our Christmas ornament projects all made with wooden spools.  Get the magazine at a local stand to see the whole article, but here are all the photos from our day of crafting fun (even when the kids got bored and the Mom’s kept going!!