Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things - REPOST

We are running out of time – I really think each year we have less and less time between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Don’t you? I mean, I KNOW there are about the same number of days, but sometimes it just seems like we have less each year. 

I keep having friends ask me, “What do you have up in your shop that you would give as a gift for someone who (INSERT WHAT EVER HERE!)”.  I have only been stumped once.  And they were much more specific…ok, I have to share, because it is just too funny!

Kendall: Thanks for calling ARTifacts, this is Kendall.
Customer:  Yeah, I really need to find a special gift for a family member.  Do you have any wood or metal trouts?
Kendall:  Wood….or….metal….trouts….that is a good one.  Nope, sorry – can’t help you at all!!

True story.  They wanted a wood or metal TROUT.

Anywhoo – here are the answers to everyone that has ever asked me that question (minus the trout lady – wish I could have helped her!!)


YOu can go to the photo gallery for a complete description of these items on my list of a Few of my favorite things!!

What are you favorites at ARTifacts? I will share photos, just tell me!

See you downtown!

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