Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antiques, Photography & Plates

More on our fun sales event!



Rachel takes vintage transferware dishes and makes one of a kind jewelry.  Belt buckles, necklaces, buttons, hair clips and more!!


Cliff is a wonderful photographer that focuses on local images.  He loves to capture downtown and the area parks. 

Wendy has many unique items to share with our customers.  Beautiful pieces!

Hints for tomorrows vendors:

1. All wrapped up
2. Sweet as honey
3. She has moved once and will be moving again at the end of the month!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back on track!

So it is time to get back on track with our big sale!




Lily has huge collections of vintage jewelry.  Tons that you can purchase and wear tomorrow!  But she also has piles tons of grab bags full of bits and pieces of vintage jewelry for the creative person in your who has to create a one-of-a-kind treasure.

A. Heron Design

A. Heron Designs is a silversmith that makes truly one of a kind designs.  She sold a bunch of these pieces this weekend at the F&M Arts and Heritage event – but no worries, she will be creating more in the upcoming weeks.

Ellen Markham makes these incredible characters by hand. Dreamed up completely in her creative eye, then lovingly hand felted and sewn together to life. All of these wonderful characters are collectible items waiting for you to discover them.

Hints for Thursday:

1. Dave Thomas would be proud of what collectibles she has now
2. Don’t jump off this one!
3. A new business name, from Upcycled to Previously something new

See you downtown!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Postpone–but other news!

So with this crazy weather, I am putting on today’s 15/50/15 sale a day.  I don’t want anyone to feel they missed out on today’s featured vendors because of the snow and ice. We will go back to our schedule (weather permitting) tomorrow.

But the good news is this gives me time to tell you more about our new arrivals and more Valentine’s gift ideas.  Only problem is I don’t have those photos taken yet.  SO – I will post those later today after I get some taken. 

Stay warm – and to those of you home with kids – stay sane! 

See you downtown!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Featured Artist–Charlotte Nelms

Charlotte Nelms was born and reared in Oregon yet, as military spouse has lived and continued her art studies all over the North American and European continents. She received her Associate of Arts Degree from City Colleges of Chicago, Europe. Recently, returned from Germany she has chosen to settle in Clarksville and is excited about the art opportunities in the area.


She has always been interested in art, even from an early age. “I can’t remember a time when I did not do some form of art. My dad, as a trimmerman for Boise Cascade Paper Mill, brought us kids all the paper we could use. I would sit for hours and make paper doll clothes, pictures or paper crafts glued together with flour and water paste.


As a child, I was always on the floor in the middle of some kind of artsy mess.”

Charlotte has worked in various mediums including graphite, oil, watercolor and pastel. One artist that influenced her to explore oil and pastel painting was the American Impressionist, Mary Cassatt.


Cassatt’s style and themes of children and the joys of childhood appear in Charlotte’s portrait work. Water is also a theme reoccurring frequently in her love of pastel and watercolor landscape. Whether it is placid or rushing, reflective or totally abstract, it inspires her. “When I am painting water I am painting reflected light because water has no color of its own. It has its own life by reflecting the life around it.”


The past thirty years, have brought Charlotte numerous awards and prizes for her work in Canada, California, Germany and Texas.DSCF1006

Come downtown to see Charlotte’s work!DSCF1007


This one is my personal favorite….although the Goose at the top – she just brought in – LOVE that too.  This one just….moves me!


See you downtown!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mixed Media Workshop Class–Feb 24

Mixed Media Workshop

Thursday - February 24th

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Artifacts (Third Floor Workspace)

124 Strawberry Alley

Instructor - Kimberly Santiago

clip_image002This workshop will introduce you to paper piecing. A fun and simple process in making mixed media art. You will create the featured artwork Bird #1, with your collage resources using a quilt block pattern. Questions? call Kimberly at 931-206-0368

Cost: $20 per person (Payment required when you register. No refunds.)

Registered at Artifacts, Hodgepodge in store or PayPal below:


Cost includes: step by step instructions, Grafix Double tack paper adhesive, 8”x 8” substrate.

Please bring:

Collage resources - anything such as letters, maps, colorful magazine ads, book pages, decorative papers etc.
Black Sharpie - fine point and ultra fine point
1” Plastic Putty Knife or old credit card
Modge Podge - matte adhesive
Brush to apply adhesive

I know I will be there!  See you downtown!!

15/50/15 Sale Continues!

Finally have uploaded all the images with my slow internet connection!

REMEMBER – 15% off these three vendors all day today!!

Today our features are:

Patsy Dollar – AKA

The Loose Potter, Sister Stone & Seay Soaps


Oh Baby! Antiques and More


Tutu Good!


There  you have it!  Our featured vendors for Friday.  We will continue the features on Tuesday – not having features during the weekend. 

Come back tomorrow for new arrivals & Valentine’s Gift Ideas!


See you downtown!!