Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Discounts, Deadlines and Drawings!

Okay folks! The deadline for registering for Spectacular, Spectacular! is quickly approaching, so here's an incentive for all of you fence-sitters:
Sign-up now (prior to October 3rd--NOT October 3rd--PRIOR to October 3rd) and receive a $5 discount on your registration fee. That's 3 days only folks!

But wait, that's not all!
Meet the October 3rd deadline and be registered for a drawing for a $100 shopping spree at Hodgepodge! That's right, $100 worth of Hodgepodge merchandise--yours for the choosing! (Shop the new markdowns and get 20 - 70% more bang for your buck!)
Add a link to your site, blog, or facebook and we'll throw your name in again! Do all three and you'll likely win for sure! (wink, wink)

If you do add a link, as suggested, please email Paige or I to make sure we know about it!
This is an event you don't want to miss, so just take a few minutes to visit the site--choose your classes, then look at your friends and say, "i've registered have you?"

ArtWalk Thursday Night

Click on the image to enlarge!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Unique Fall Decor at ARTifacts

Just some shots of fall decor available!

This pumpkin is hand made from the flexible plastic dryer tubes that they have stopped making for safety reasons. But I love this re-cycled idea! This pumpkin is in Heather's booth.

I love this fall basket in Junky Monkey! I know I could make it myself - but I won't and this is such a great price, why would you?

ALso in Junky Monkey - she has all kinds of everyday items that she has decorated for fall.

Vintage Mary has this beautiful arrangement in her booth also.

I love this fall floral arrangement in the white shell from Jo Rhoads booth.

I hope you feel inspired to come in and see what fall decor we have for your house!
We hope to have an all new fall display at our front entrance in a couple days, come check it out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Head Gear

Ashley, my creative and fun loving employee, decided last weekend during Frolic on Franklin - to express herself with a fabulous tall black felted hat with a big red rose on it.

She is definitely a hat person -she looked GREAT! So that got me playing the next time I was in here (when no one was watching!!)

Look at all these great vintage hats we have in here right now. Think Halloween costume, think vintage hat collection, think Sunday at church!

Declare your independence - be unique!

I love the fabric and velvety feel of this one.

This is the hat Ashley is getting - the one she wore last weekend - how cool is that hat???

Love the colors on this one!

I love the size of the ribbon on this one! So fun & unique!

White fadora!

While these are not vintage, but hand made recently - they are just as trendy and functional!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Kreative Designs

Kate Johnson of K(re)at(iv)e Designs has out done herself again.

This photo is of a 4 foot wide vintage saw blade. Kate was commissioned by customers our customer to paint this scene on this blade. I don't know HOW she did it - since it is huge! I know it wasn't easy! Picking it up isn't easy. But the final product is just amazing!
The details and colors of this art piece are terrific! If you need a special piece, Kate is definitely an artist to talk too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heather Bro-Moroschak

I already featured Heather earlier this month, but it was short and sweet because she was still establishing her booth. Now that she is ready to go, I thought I would share with you more photos from one of this months featured vendors.

I am loving this creative and fun vintage school desk that has been recovered with fun papers to make it unique and definitely one of a kind! So cute in a kids room, den or anywhere!

Heather's photography includes local places & people, and also her trips over seas. Her hand painting style is very popular and really changes the entire mood and focus of a piece.

These crafty bulletin boards are so fun! The fabrics are exciting and trendy - and really - who couldn't use more organization in their lives? I know I could!

This fun collection of mirros are also available in Heather's booth.
A German bed, a retro kitchen table with pull out leaves, a very old ironing board, and great Halloween decor are more items you will find in Heather's booth.

Come see!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cool Thermos

As we are entering the fall season, I am excited with thoughts of hot chocolate, hot soups & hot coffee while talking long walks with the kids in the woods. My youngest if finally old enough that we can start doing some hiking without having to carry her the whole time. So, we have plans to really check out the local parks and get to know more of the natural beautiful around Clarksville.

So, when I see these fun and functional vintage thermos' it makes me think of the fun we will have on those walks, then stopping along the way and enjoying a nice warm drink so we can feel our toes and fingers again!

What memories or thoughts do these thermos invoke for you?

This thermos is from Busy Bee's booth.

The others are in Ashley Richardson's and Heather Bro-Moroschak's booths.


new front display, well - it was....

Here is a photo of our religious inspired front display.

I did this on up earlier in the month and it is not only low on product now from sales during the month - but also about to come down for the fall display.
Come see me this weekend, it will be coming down tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Time!

It's time! Learn more about Spectaclar, Spectacular right now! Go to and you can read everything about our event - and even sign up for classes. Our classes will fill up quickly so sign up early.

Store Hours

Good Afternoon! I wanted to remind everyone we have changed our shop hours back to our regular schedule of 10am to 6pm Tuesday - Friday. We will continue with our 9am to 5 pm on Saturdays to be available for our Downtown Market crowd.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another new vendor

Another new vendor is Scrappin' Ever After Scrap booking store in Sango. They are selling their unique items that they teach classes for - and we always say "OH, I am going to go make one of those!" and we don' know you don't have too. Come by ARTifacts and purchase a set of cards, notebooks, personalized tins, etc.

This new idea of Nicole's is incredible! She has these journal boxes. Inside the box are all kinds of questions for you to ask yourself - and journal in the include notebook. The idea is that you are writing this journal for your kids when they are older - a keepsake for them.

I love this idea for Grandparents, deployed parents, everyone!

It is hard to make sure you know all the good stories from loved ones - these journals will help us think outside the box of things we want to make sure we have shared - or stories our kids will just enjoy reading when they are older. A personal memoir.

These are truly a treasure!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Couple things

I wanted to share a story from today. This very nice guy from out of town came in today, asking for help finding a special gift for his wife. Well - frankly I think our store is FULL of special things. Where do I start?

Here - look at these teapots by Patsy Dollar, a local potter - maybe this necklace by local jewelry maker - Pat Jones.
Does she like vintage items? Vintage jewelry? Vintage photos? What does she collect?
One of our artist, Gail Meyer, is having an amazing sale on her art work (which frankly is already extremely reasonable, so 20% off of reasonable makes it a SUPER deal for an original piece of art!).
Stainglass pieces? Need unique photoframes for family photos?

So, now I am exhausted trying to find the perfect item for this guy's wife - and he just answers my questions - not offering any info at all - just alot of "no, not really". So then - he saw Eunice Kern's handpainted silk scarves, paintings, flowers and pins.

"WOW! What do you DO with those??" Well, it is a wear them. "Just in winter?" (How sweet is this guy??) - well, you get the gist of the rest of our conversation that ended with him purchasing one of Eunice's amazing scarves. He was so amazed by the whole idea that the scarves were art and that he would be gifting a work of art and it was functional! (must always be practical!) I am thrilled that I could make him so happy. Cheers to Eunice!

Next, I wanted to share an update about SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR! I am getting very excited about our big announcement tomorrow evening. By tomorrow night, we will be posting all the classes for Spectacular, Spectacular event on Oct. 23-24. We are so excited to have added Jenni Bowlin to our list of Ring Masters (instructors). So make sure you check out the site tomorrow evening - we are sure to sell out fast with instructors like this!

New Vendors!

We are so excited about all our new vendors - I will feature all of them in upcoming blogs. But to do a quick introduction - we have installed shelves in one of the booths to allow for more artists to begin displaying their wares in a somewhat smaller scale then the booths offer. The outcome is a great collection of 15 new spaces to investigate. Here is one of our new additions!

This fun collection of vintage collectibles by Casey is whimsical and unique. YOu will find vintage prints, aprons, hankies, jewelry, doll house furniture, these darling clothespin dolls and more!

This is a photo of her entire section - fun stuff!

I love the way she displays these vintage spools!

Not sure which I like best in this photo - the open mouth frog waiting to hold - ANYTHING - I know what it is meant for the kitchen sponge - but it would be fun for the kids bathroom soap, your rings, keys, etc - think outside the box (or mouth in this case!). Or the owl coffee set! So retro - LOVE them!

Hope we have inspired you today!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spice it up!

Another collection of items in different booths! Spice jars! Enjoy these photos:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Find of the Day

Today's find is this wonderful vintage white glass cabinet. I love the toile background and the effect of the old glass on the items inside the cabinet.

Making it even cooler is the amazing price! It is a steal at $80. Come see it today in Busy Bee's Antiques

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Theme Day - Games!

I just love it when a theme runs through the shop and I can piece it together for a fun blog!

Today I noticed games throughout the shop, so went looking for more. Here is what I found!

These vintage game boards in Lily Belle Antiques are two sided - so you get 2 game tables for the price of one. Very fun!

Love the look of this vintage chinese checkers tin game - what a great display these would make on a game room wall. This is from Junky Monkey.

Also in Junky Monkey is this fun glass game board. Love this piece

Another chinese checkers board.

Hope this inspires you to decorate or play!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Feature

I am going to try a new idea. "FIND OF THE DAY". I am going to try send out a post every so often on a unique item you can find here at ARTifacts. It might be a new piece or a piece that has been here a while - whatever stricks my fancy! Hope you enjoy!

Here is today's FIND OF THE DAY:
I just love this photo. Not sure what it is about it that draws me in - the colors, the textures, the location (Germany) or my own memories of my visits to see my sister's family in Germany when they were stationed there years ago. Whatever it is - I love it. This framed photograph is a great deal at $79 by this months featured artist - Heather Bro-Moroschak. You can't really see the colors in this photo, so you will have to stop by and see for yourself!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spectacular Spectacular!

Have you been watching the Spectacularx2 blog? If not, you really need too! Paige has started posting some of the projects we have to look forward too - and hinting more and more about some of the special surprises we have in store!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Caromal Colors Classes

Hi all! I know many of you have heard about the classes we are offering in our studio space now, and many of you are asking when we will be offering more. Well, I am working on all kinds of ideas - so let me know what you want to learn and we will see about making it happen.

So far, we have only scheduled classes for Caromal Colors - but that is good because many of you have asked for this class. I have been, and let me tell you - I am so excited about getting to work on some projects! I can't wait! So here is what is scheduled so far for September. And please contact us early - because these classes have really started filling up fast. I might be able to get her to add more if the response we get is high!

Both of these classes are up in ARTifact's studio B space.

September 10, 6:30-8:00 P.M.

Cost: $20.00
Limit of 5 participants

Two workshops in one! Make this sign your own by choosing type of signboard, color of paint, and stencil saying. You get to choose from “Live Simply…Laugh Often” or “Carpe Diem…Seize the wine” stencils for your project. This stenciled sign incorporates many of the Caromal Colours products in the preparation and you will see how simple they are to use. So those who have been waiting to see the paints, sign up because this is going to be a great workshop. I will provide the wine and all materials needed for the project. Come paint and create.

September 20, 2:00-3:30 P.M.

Cost: $15.00
Limit of 7 participants

Discover how easy it is to use the Caromal Colours paints and distressing products. There is no sanding or priming required before painting your project, just a clean surface. We have 10 basic colors and they can be painted and left as is or they can be distressed, toned, and aged. So many looks and so beautiful!! We have great fun at the workshops comparing our painting techniques and color samples. No prior painting experience needed. Come and paint your own samples to take home and admire.