Saturday, September 12, 2009

Couple things

I wanted to share a story from today. This very nice guy from out of town came in today, asking for help finding a special gift for his wife. Well - frankly I think our store is FULL of special things. Where do I start?

Here - look at these teapots by Patsy Dollar, a local potter - maybe this necklace by local jewelry maker - Pat Jones.
Does she like vintage items? Vintage jewelry? Vintage photos? What does she collect?
One of our artist, Gail Meyer, is having an amazing sale on her art work (which frankly is already extremely reasonable, so 20% off of reasonable makes it a SUPER deal for an original piece of art!).
Stainglass pieces? Need unique photoframes for family photos?

So, now I am exhausted trying to find the perfect item for this guy's wife - and he just answers my questions - not offering any info at all - just alot of "no, not really". So then - he saw Eunice Kern's handpainted silk scarves, paintings, flowers and pins.

"WOW! What do you DO with those??" Well, it is a wear them. "Just in winter?" (How sweet is this guy??) - well, you get the gist of the rest of our conversation that ended with him purchasing one of Eunice's amazing scarves. He was so amazed by the whole idea that the scarves were art and that he would be gifting a work of art and it was functional! (must always be practical!) I am thrilled that I could make him so happy. Cheers to Eunice!

Next, I wanted to share an update about SPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR! I am getting very excited about our big announcement tomorrow evening. By tomorrow night, we will be posting all the classes for Spectacular, Spectacular event on Oct. 23-24. We are so excited to have added Jenni Bowlin to our list of Ring Masters (instructors). So make sure you check out the site tomorrow evening - we are sure to sell out fast with instructors like this!

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  1. We should send one of Eunice's scarves to the people at Grey's Anatomy for Izzy Stephens.We had some beautiful ones on last nights premier!