Saturday, September 26, 2009

Head Gear

Ashley, my creative and fun loving employee, decided last weekend during Frolic on Franklin - to express herself with a fabulous tall black felted hat with a big red rose on it.

She is definitely a hat person -she looked GREAT! So that got me playing the next time I was in here (when no one was watching!!)

Look at all these great vintage hats we have in here right now. Think Halloween costume, think vintage hat collection, think Sunday at church!

Declare your independence - be unique!

I love the fabric and velvety feel of this one.

This is the hat Ashley is getting - the one she wore last weekend - how cool is that hat???

Love the colors on this one!

I love the size of the ribbon on this one! So fun & unique!

White fadora!

While these are not vintage, but hand made recently - they are just as trendy and functional!


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