Monday, September 21, 2009

Cool Thermos

As we are entering the fall season, I am excited with thoughts of hot chocolate, hot soups & hot coffee while talking long walks with the kids in the woods. My youngest if finally old enough that we can start doing some hiking without having to carry her the whole time. So, we have plans to really check out the local parks and get to know more of the natural beautiful around Clarksville.

So, when I see these fun and functional vintage thermos' it makes me think of the fun we will have on those walks, then stopping along the way and enjoying a nice warm drink so we can feel our toes and fingers again!

What memories or thoughts do these thermos invoke for you?

This thermos is from Busy Bee's booth.

The others are in Ashley Richardson's and Heather Bro-Moroschak's booths.


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