Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Three of 15/50/15 Sales Event

Here we are first thing Monday morning – and our last open Monday until further notice.  Hopefully we can go back to it eventually, but for now we will stick to these store hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 10 to 6

Sunday 12 to 4


So now for our day three vendors – remember you can save 15% off all three of these vendor for today only!

The Daisy

Jillian Romano, Artist

Guy Bozard, Wood Carver

Sharla Adams, Jewelry Artist

Enjoy the sale on these fabulous vendors today AND tomorrow (Tuesday - since i am getting this posted so late....technical difficulties galore!!)

Clues for tomorrow -

1. Mary mary quit contrary
2.  Reese’s Pieces
3. Eleirbag Reniedraw

See you downtown!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Three Clues & Moving Sale

Because of my technical difficulties I was unable to post the clues for the vendors being featured on Monday for the 15/50/15 Sales Event.



So here they are now!

1. The happiest flower
2. Copper Fun
3.  Niallij Onamor
4. Carving beauty


Next I am sad to say that Vintage, Etc has decided to move out. 

But for this last weekend with us she is having a 50% off sale that you don’t want to miss!! 

Hurry in before I buy it all!! (Please!!!)

See you downtown!

Day Two 15-50-15

Welcome to Day Two of 15% off 50 Vendors in 15 Days!!  For some reason my post didn't happen, so I am rushing to get this one up for everyone.  Darn technology!  You think it makes life soooooo easy ...but doesn't!

So - here are our featured vendors for today.  Remember for today only receive 15% off everything in their booths.


Lee has been with ARTifacts since the beginning.  She is a wonderful creative spirit, that just loves to create and share her creations with everyone.  She has taught classes here, and loves to share her gift and love of art with everyone she meets.

Eunice Kern

Eunice Kern makes these beautiful and colorful silk scarves.  She also frames the art she has created so you can enjoy everyday!  Eunice's scarves are like spring around your neck!  So beautiful!
Jo Rhoads

Jo Rhoads is a most gifted antique dealer.  She knows all about antiques and teaches us something new everyday.  Collectibles aren't just fun pieces - she knows the history and the details.  She has a wonderful collection of Weiss rhinestones and lots of additional estate jewelry that is beautiful and completely unique!

Well - not bad for throwing this post together in ten minutes.  However I can't remember who the vendors for Monday are, so I can't give you a hint!  So I will post that later when I get to work!

See you downtown!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day One–15-50-15

Welcome to 15 days of 50 Vendors!  Starting today we will feature 3-4 vendors each week day until you have seen them ALL!!  Each day that the vendors are featured, ARTifacts is offering a 15% discount on those booths in addition to any sales already being offered by the vendors!


So let’s get started!  Our first vendor is…..(drum roll please!)

FiLo – First in Last Out

Filo (First in, Last Out) has been with us almost since the beginning of ARTifacts (minus just a couple of days really!) .  With an unique collection of items, Filo has special pieces, especially for the collectors out there.


Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder has been with us since we opened three years ago.  Mostly specializing in unfinished furniture so you can paint or stain it the way you like it – Bob will do custom work.  

Peggy Jennings, Artist

Peggy Jennings has a flair for color!  Her artistic style is FUN and whimsy!  Her art would brighten any room and makes you smile every time you look at it.

There you have it!  The first day of our 15 day sale for featuring all 50 of our incredible vendors!  Now here are your clues for tomorrow!
1.  Smooth as ________
2.  Like a fine wine
3.  Loads of estate jewelry
See you downtown!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SewSweet Dresses for Lil’ Ones

We have a new vendor – actually we have LOTS of new vendors!  But this post is about SewSweetChild.  Reversible for twice the fun, these darling dresses have just moved in to tempt us.  I am ready to get one for my lil’ ones.  Which do you like best for your lil’ one?

012011 077

012011 078

012011 079

012011 080

Aren’t they sew sweet?  Special orders and all little girl sizes available!

See you downtown!

Postponing 15-50-15

So, the weather is bad.  Schools are closed, and the roads are not safe.  So, I am going to delay our first day of our 15-50-15 sale.



But that is ok!  It will give everyone a chance to get their sidewalks cleared, snow off their cars, and make it downtown tomorrow for our first day of this sale!

So, here is your hint for the 3 vendors that will have the 15% off sale in their booths tomorrow.

1.  Once you walk through our doors, you have already seen this vendor. Full of old stuff and collectibles.

2.  This vendor loves flowers, and expresses them on canvas.

3. Can we fix it?  Yes we can!

See you downtown!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So the time has come to let you all know what fun sales event we are having at ARTifacts to help promote all our vendors – some that have been with us from the beginning, so brand new arrivers.  We are excited to be celebrating 50 active vendors in arts, antiques, collectible, handcraft and more at ARTifacts Emporium.

It amazes me daily that we have this many people here in Clarksville with such extraordinaire talents.  I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with all of you and help you sell all the items you lovingly create, time consumingly designed, and researched all these wonderful antiques.

So, now we are giving back to our vendors & our customers!  For the next 15 days I will feature 3-4 vendors each week day (Monday – Friday) I tried to break it into groups of 1 artist, 1 antique dealer and 1 artisan – and most are – but not all worked out that way.  On the day that the vendor is featured you will receive 15% off everything in their booth!  If the vendor has a sale going – like in Vintage Mary, she has a 50% off sale, we will take off an additional 15% after taking the initial deduction.155015

Each evening I will include clues for the vendors that will be featured the next day – so you need to watch our blog each morning to take advantage of this sale event.  Don’t wait for you’re the blog to email to you, likely you won’t get that email until after we are closed for the day – WATCH the blog. 

You will have to tell us that you saw the sale on the blog to get the discount.

See you tomorrow bright and early to see the featured vendors for tomorrow’s 15-50-15 Sales Event.

See you downtown!

New Vendor–SewSweet Child

I told you I have loads of new talent at ARTifacts to share with you all

And here is another – SewSweet Child. These unique REVERSIBLE jumpers are perfect for all little girls!  What I like best is how long they can wear these dresses!

012011 077

Above this dress is being shown with shorts.  But it would start with a little one as a dress – then can be worn with leggings as a long shirt.  THEN as a top with shorts, pants what ever! 

012011 078

The possibilities are endless!  No more fighting that the dress doesn’t fit anymore, now it can literally be worn for years! 

012011 079

And the colors, fabrics and pattern are all easy to dress up or dress down.  I know I am letting my girls pick at least one dress each.

012011 080

Custom orders also available -

Reminder -

15 off 50 in 15

Starting Wednesday, January 26th

Come back to get all the details!

See you downtown!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Vendor–Knit One, Weave Too

These wonderful ladies from Adams have just joined our band of artisans here at ARTifacts Emporium.  Knit One Weave Too feature all kinds of knitted, felted, and woven goodies.

They have some hand woven yard boxed up for those of you who can create these knitted wonders on your own.  But for those of us who can’t….


On that top shelf, you can see a pair of fuzzy warm fingerless gloves.


Two really cute – and repurposed sweater bags.


Love the tight weave on this purse – the color – not reflected well here in my photo I am afraid – it creamy chocolate color.


Warm, fuzzy scarf to keep you toasty this very cold winter we are having.


Finally, these necklace – they are WOVEN!  How special these truly one-of-a-kind necklaces!  Wonderful idea for Valentines – which is coming up soon!!

I am excited to be announcing a special event coming up here at ARTifacts. 

15 off 50 in 15

Starting Wednesday, January 26th

Come back to get all the details!

See you downtown!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New-ish Vendor–Audrey Aprons

During the Christmas Craziness we had a new vendor move in.  And while I have mentioned her items and shared several photos with you already, I noticed I neglected to do a “formal” introduction!

Audrey Aprons  has been a treat to have as a new vendor.  Check these out -


Fresh, Fun, Festive


Pretty. Pink. Phunctional.


Repurposed. Retro. Radical.

Aprons have come a long way baby!

See you downtown!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Collectibles by Ellen

I have written about Ellen’s little felted friends before, but I had a customer that bought one for herself a few weeks ago, and every so often comes to “visit” the others until she is ready to pick a new favorite to take home. 


012011 024

The work that goes into these little friends is amazing to me.  The detail and the planning.012011 025

This sweet little ballerina bear is my current favorite.  Just look at that little face!

012011 027

Just felting the wool, planning the creature you going to create, then the time involved in actually creating it!  Perfect collectibles.

Another New Home–this one for Lee

So, we had a huge shake up – loads of new vendors – loads of vendors that shuffled around to try out something new – give everyone a fresh look! 

Lee Ireland for example.  Check out her new space -

012011 040

Looks great – doesn’t it!

012011 041

Lee’s melted wine bottles made into small bowls or cheese plates are so unique they make excellent gifts for house warming, hostess, birthday party OR even better – just because!

012011 042

Lee’s dichroic glass jewelry is so beautiful!  What is dichroic glass?

Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass dichroic optical properties.  Simply put – SPARKLY!!!!

012011 043

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Lee’s new space!  I think it is perfect for her amazing work!


See you downtown!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3Lindys Find a New Space

For over a year we have had the lovely ladies of the 3Lindys with us here at ARTifacts Emporium.  Recently, they moved to a much larger space so they can share with us more of their unique and fun personalized products. 

Check these out!



Aren’t those tshirt so cute?  I love those tshirts with the hearts for Valentine’s Day.  What a great gift to give you favorite Valentine – and they can wear it as long as they want – not just for Valentine’s Day. 

And I need to get about 10 of those perfect sized storage totes!  Perfect organizational totes! And the Lindy's just returned from market! Can't wait to see what new additions they have in store for us!


See you downtown!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Deal


The ladies of Busy Bee’s have done it again!  This table and set of 4 chairs are a fantastic price so they can move it FAST!

011811 001

$70 for the table AND all 4 chairs!  Can’t beat that deal!

011811 002

See you downtown!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Open today!

Don't forget that we are open Sunday's from 12-4.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to Shop. Dine. Frolic. in downtown Clarkville!

Hodgepodge and ARTifacts open at 12.  Ingredients opens at 1pm.  Blackhorse is open for lunch!

Church, Lunch, Shop!  What could be better!

See you downtown!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Featured Artist–Gabriele Wardeiner

So I have been trying to post this update for Gabriele since the beginning of the month, and for some reason, the slide show software I use doesn’t want to let me.  So here is a different slide show with a different software – cuz I just can’t fight it anymore!! 

“Art should be serious fun” sort of sums up the way Gabriele Wardeiner approaches her encounters with pencils and brushes. Mostly self trained she just enjoys drawing, painting and trying new things on paper, board and even metal. She is also a certified “pack rat”, which comes in handy creating the hundreds of truly unique, special greeting  cards you see in her booth. Rounding up the offerings are some interesting antiques, “almost” antiques and 14 K gold and silver jewelry.

Thanks for shopping downtown - supporting your community and your local artists, antique dealers and fine hand crafters!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feature Handcrafter–Tutu Good

Our featured handcrafter for January is Jennifer Gerasimas of Tutu Good. 

Jennifer Gerasimas is the creative mind behind Tutu Good. Jennifer, a stay at home mom of a little girl, feels all girls deserve to feel special and unique. Jennifer makes tulle tutus in any size, length, and combination of colors. In addition to tutus, she also makes flower clips that can be worn a variety of ways - in the hair, on headbands or beanies, and on the front of the tutus.

Her collections make any girl, young or old, feel like a kid.  The flower hair clips (added to a beanie or just clipped right on) are also for all ages.  My girls are really getting into the different colors of the clips for each outfit – and they look so cute with in the beanie!

Come back tomorrow for our featured Artist for January!

See you downtown!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Featured Antique – Oh Baby!

Kathy of Oh Baby! is one of our incredible antique vendors.  She has an amazing gift for decorating, painting and making vintage pieces upcycled to a new life.

Oh Baby! Antiques says, “I love painting old furniture and replacing the hardware or adding new detail. Anything rusty speaks to me, as does vintage jewelry. I love repurposing these items into unique wall hangings.”




Join us on ArtWalk to learn more about Kathy's wonderful collections - or anyday at ARTifacts.


Come back tomorrow to learn about our handcraft featured vendor for January.


Thanks for shopping downtown Clarksville.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Child Birthing Classes in ARTifacts Studio Space

Did you know ARTifacts Emporium also has another level to the building?  Well we do!  And the owners love it to be rented out for all kinds of uses including art classes, instruction and more.  Coming up in February, for example, Rhonda Anderson – a local Doula – will be conducting a workshop for new mom’s – read more below and contact Rhonda directly with any questions!


Rhonda Anderson is a Doula and Childbirth Educator who has been in practice since 2003. She has been trained through D.O.N.A (Doulas of North America) and has received her Childbirth Education through CBI (Childbirth International) She began teaching classes to expectant parents in 2010, and is passionate about teaching women and their partners how to achieve the type of birth experience they desire, whether that is in a home or hospital setting. While some childbirth classes teach a specific method (such as Bradley Method, Lamaze or Hypnobirthing) Rhonda’s class is an eclectic mix and focuses on the emotional preparation for childbirth, and facing fears and working through them prior to the birth, so a woman feels confident and strong as she enters the new territory of motherhood. The class utilizes many avenues to achieve preparedness for labor and delivery, such as birth art, discussion, literature, breathing and relaxation exercises, educational videos and discovering the sisterhood with other mothers. The goal of Rhonda’s class is to prepare women and their partners to begin their journey into parenthood without fear, knowing how to listen to the laboring body, and trusting one’s inner voice.

Classes are purposely small, to keep an intimate feel, and will meet weekly, beginning Tuesday, Feb 1st and ending Tuesday, March 8th. Classes will be held above ArtiFacts on Strawberry Alley from 6-8 p.m. and the fee is 80.00 for the six week session. Rhonda’s doula clients get to attend the classes for 40.00.

If you are interested, please contact Rhonda Anderson at 931.561.6373 or email her at You can also check out her website, which will have the class schedule posted: