Thursday, March 31, 2011

What’s Happening at ARTifacts?

Check out two new items from “Previously a Plate”!

China bracelets – all unique, one of a kind for yourself or a gift.  Starting at $20, you can’t beat these pieces!


My photo of these belt buckles are terrible, but the buckles are fantastic!  The new item for the belts is the state plates – right now she has Kansas, California, Wyoming and Tennessee!  All belt buckles are only $50 each!


Wow, my photos are just not turning out today, but my camera’s battery is dead so we are just going to have to bare with me on these photos.  This turquoise piece from Silversmith A. Heron Designs is exquisite.  All hand made and amazing at $45


New watercolor artwork in Charlotte Nelms booth.  The one piece, already matted and framed – ready for hanging – is a great price at $95. Can’t beat original artwork at this prices!


Reisa Peters has been busy at work with these smaller pieces of art.  This wonderfully spring pastel is only $17.  Pick this piece or one of several others that Reisa just brought in to share with us.


Well, that is it for today – come back soon for other new arrivals at ARTifacts, arts and antiques emporium.

See you downtown!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Junky Monkey is here for Spring Décor!

Junky Monkey is back for more fun this Easter!  Come to check it all out!!






Pictures just don’t show how COOL this fun Easter décor is – come see for yourself!

See you downtown!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Class

Another workshop opportunity here at ARTifacts.  We are going to keep the class small, so please sign up early!

I have been asked by lots of vendors, friends and business owners how to blog.  If you are interested in learning how to set up a new blog and some of the basic tools of blogging we will be starting a series of blog classes to show you how you can set up a blog of your own!

There is so many topics to cover, so I will be breaking this down to at least 3 maybe more classes.  Each class will be 2 hours long, and will be $12.50 each. The last class will be discounted for those who have taken all classes.

Our first class will cover creating, setting up, designing and linking your blog.  At that class I will hand out the outline for the remaining classes. 

Sunday, April 3rd at 4:30 – third floor workshop space at ARTifacts

Prepayment is required so I can prepare materials. Reserve your seat by paying on Paypal or at ARTifacts.

New Arrivals

Again this was sitting in my draft box instead of in the pending posts.  These items aren’t really new arrivals anymore – they have been here a bit now…sorry…..

But here is my older post --

I have been really enjoying the new artwork of Patsy Dollar.  She has been working with pastels and the results are images like this:


Oh Baby just brought up a bunch of new copper pieces, including this fun scale!


Busy Bees put in a new display shelf – the added all kinds of new pieces for your enjoyment.  I LOVE the new beveled mirror!


Appealing Designs has brought in a ton of new rings.  This is my fav!


This new purse is a repurposed Pennington wool jacket.  Love it for spring!


New unique hair combs from Designs by Sharla!  Terrible pic – sorry, this just doesn’t do it justice, but for some reason I just couldn’t get a better photo of these!  But the old mixed with the new – LOVE it!! 


Sail away with Gail Meyers new art!


Nice new dresser!  Love it! The Dollhouse did her special touch on it, and it has different papers in each drawer – give it a wonderful small touch that give this wonderful dresser a fun twist (IVELISSE – do you still need a dresser?? LOL)


Artistic Eye made a couple new wooden bracelets.  This one is appropriate for Easter with daffodils and Easter Eggs.


See you downtown!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Unique Cards & Gift in One

New vendors moved in last week, and I have neglected to share their unique additions to our collection here at ARTifacts. 

Now as you look at these you think, “Oh nice.  New cards” and you would be right.  BUT wait – there is a surprise!  Check out these images – and at the bottom you will find more of what makes these cards so special!


Look at this detail!  Special prize still to come!



These are thin strips of paper lovingly spun and shaped into individual toes and feet! 


SURPRISE!!!!  Some of these cards also feature a unique hand made charm!


Look how cute!


Making the special gift of “just a card” so much nicer!




Wonderful surprise!!!

See you downtown!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Arrivals!

So, I have to admit I have been so worn out by blogging with the 15/50/15 sale that I haven’t been on the ball with new posts as I should be.  My apologies!  I want to start with the reminder of the Mixed Media class we will have next week. 

I have really enjoyed Kimberly’s classes, and continue to be able to use all the techniques she is teaching us in class for all kinds of other projects.  AND my husband is enjoying having unique art pieces in the house – I can create art that I am proud enough of to display!  THIS is no small miracle!

To learn more about this class – check out the Special Events & Classes link on our blog.

Ok – now on to new arrivals at the shop!

FIrst, while some of these items have been in the shop for over a week – they are still new arrivals – those of you who shop with us once a week will just have to bare with us and enjoy this refresher.  <grin>


Oh Baby always have fun new pieces that we can count on being unique and wonderfully special.  All the items I have purchased from Oh Baby my friends always comment that they love that piece!  I love this new chair and trunk!  And while I didn’t capture the lamp as well as I could have – she has these amazing brass, ceramic and glass lamps also.  One is the light blue you see here – the other is a light blush color.DSCF1004

All kinds of new goodies in Busy Bees!  Including those 2 amazing Norman Rockwell presidential couple prints. 


Appealing Designs has been busy at work with this piece.  It is 3 pendants in one!  She has created a latch on this piece so you can change out the cabochon (fancy word for round rock!) for a different one.


I have always enjoy Gabriele Wardeiner’s abstract art.  But this particular set I LOVE!  The colors (not conveyed very well in this photo) are wonderfully soothing!


Gail Meyer has been busy at work adding several new pieces to her booth.  I love the series with the fruit on the vine – this photo shows the limes, but she also pears and oranges to go with this set.  And for those of you who follow Paige’s blog at Hodgepodge-Home know that decorating in 3’s is always a must!  Gail also added several ocean/side images.  Boats, lighthouses and more.  Makes me ready for summer!


Guy Bozard has created another wood masterpiece.  This table is just beautiful – and add to it that it is useful in some many ways, you can’t beat it!


The breeze that the spring time brings makes me want to play with scarves in the fields, watching the light weight fabric flowing in the wind.  These amazing scarves by Eunice Kern can provide that child like fun for you anytime with the scarf to match your spring collection.


Quack…..’nuf said.



There you have it!  A few new arrivals.  Come downtown today to see what else we have in-store for you!

See you downtown!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aprons Galore!

The world is obsessed with aprons right now!  All my favorite blogs have been featuring their favorite aprons.  Showing all the different uses for their different aprons, and how they aren’t just for the kitchen anymore!

With that in mind, I wish to share with you the aprons of ARTifacts Emporium!

Audrey’s Aprons have a traditional flair with the excitement of the new and more popular fabric patterns that are sought after.


Audrey also adds the small touches that remind us that while we are working – we are girls and a flower always makes us free pretty!



The next two aprons by Rebecca Sower are also all hand made.  What makes Rebecca’s designs special are the vintage fabrics she includes.  Quilt squares, vintage buttons, ribbon, old tea towels, hankies and more make each of her aprons unique.


While still keeping the feminine feel with the ruffle and vintage lace.


Relative Collections and The Dollhouse also have a great selection of vintage aprons. 


Aprons aren’t just for cooking anymore!  They are for crafting, playing, creating, and more!  You can also wear them just to feel pretty!  That is ok (encouraged really) too!

See you downtown!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mixed Media Workshop - March 24

Mixed Media Workshop
Thursday - March 24th
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Artifacts (Third Floor Workspace)
124 Strawberry AlleyInstructor - Kimberly Santiago

In this workshop you will learn technics in paper piecing, working with layers and decollage. Information - or

Cost: $20 per person (Payment required when you register. No refunds.)

Includes: step by step instructions, Grafix Double tack paper adhesive, 8”x 8” wood panel.

Featured artwork: choose between Orange Phlox or Bird Two

Registered: at Artifacts, Hodgepodge in store or online

Please bring: Collage resources - anything such as letters, maps, colorful magazine ads, book pages, decorative papers, tissue paper, pattern tissue, etc.
Black Sharpie - fine point and ultra fine point
1” Plastic Putty Knife or old credit card
Modge Podge - matte adhesive or Matte Medium
Brush to apply adhesive
Scissors + craft knife #11 blade

New Vendor! Darling Pottery

Kelly Peters of Darling Pottery and More has recently settled into her new booth at ARTifacts and is sharing all her artistic pieces with us all.

Her pottery is unique and fun (don’ t you love that plate with the Japanese image?)


Are you a knitter?  These are some of the prettiest knitting needles I have ever seen!

DSCF1004 (2)

Love these handmade recycled candles – great colors!!

DSCF1005 (2)

Close up on 2 pitchers in Darling’s booth.


DSCF1006 (2)


DSCF1008 (2)

DSCF1009 (2)

Weaving sticks – says they are good for ages 8 & up.  Wonder if my 9 year old would enjoy this?

DSCF1010 (2)

Along the same lines as those knitting needles, but instead for using as hair pins.

DSCF1019 (2)

Welcome Darling Pottery and More!  Come down to see Darling’s items in person!

See you downtown!