Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aprons Galore!

The world is obsessed with aprons right now!  All my favorite blogs have been featuring their favorite aprons.  Showing all the different uses for their different aprons, and how they aren’t just for the kitchen anymore!

With that in mind, I wish to share with you the aprons of ARTifacts Emporium!

Audrey’s Aprons have a traditional flair with the excitement of the new and more popular fabric patterns that are sought after.


Audrey also adds the small touches that remind us that while we are working – we are girls and a flower always makes us free pretty!



The next two aprons by Rebecca Sower are also all hand made.  What makes Rebecca’s designs special are the vintage fabrics she includes.  Quilt squares, vintage buttons, ribbon, old tea towels, hankies and more make each of her aprons unique.


While still keeping the feminine feel with the ruffle and vintage lace.


Relative Collections and The Dollhouse also have a great selection of vintage aprons. 


Aprons aren’t just for cooking anymore!  They are for crafting, playing, creating, and more!  You can also wear them just to feel pretty!  That is ok (encouraged really) too!

See you downtown!

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  1. I need a nice little waistline to go with the apron LOL. or not LOL...
    I want to come in soon...I will bring a friend or two.
    and some dough ;)