Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Arrivals!

So, I have to admit I have been so worn out by blogging with the 15/50/15 sale that I haven’t been on the ball with new posts as I should be.  My apologies!  I want to start with the reminder of the Mixed Media class we will have next week. 

I have really enjoyed Kimberly’s classes, and continue to be able to use all the techniques she is teaching us in class for all kinds of other projects.  AND my husband is enjoying having unique art pieces in the house – I can create art that I am proud enough of to display!  THIS is no small miracle!

To learn more about this class – check out the Special Events & Classes link on our blog.

Ok – now on to new arrivals at the shop!

FIrst, while some of these items have been in the shop for over a week – they are still new arrivals – those of you who shop with us once a week will just have to bare with us and enjoy this refresher.  <grin>


Oh Baby always have fun new pieces that we can count on being unique and wonderfully special.  All the items I have purchased from Oh Baby my friends always comment that they love that piece!  I love this new chair and trunk!  And while I didn’t capture the lamp as well as I could have – she has these amazing brass, ceramic and glass lamps also.  One is the light blue you see here – the other is a light blush color.DSCF1004

All kinds of new goodies in Busy Bees!  Including those 2 amazing Norman Rockwell presidential couple prints. 


Appealing Designs has been busy at work with this piece.  It is 3 pendants in one!  She has created a latch on this piece so you can change out the cabochon (fancy word for round rock!) for a different one.


I have always enjoy Gabriele Wardeiner’s abstract art.  But this particular set I LOVE!  The colors (not conveyed very well in this photo) are wonderfully soothing!


Gail Meyer has been busy at work adding several new pieces to her booth.  I love the series with the fruit on the vine – this photo shows the limes, but she also pears and oranges to go with this set.  And for those of you who follow Paige’s blog at Hodgepodge-Home know that decorating in 3’s is always a must!  Gail also added several ocean/side images.  Boats, lighthouses and more.  Makes me ready for summer!


Guy Bozard has created another wood masterpiece.  This table is just beautiful – and add to it that it is useful in some many ways, you can’t beat it!


The breeze that the spring time brings makes me want to play with scarves in the fields, watching the light weight fabric flowing in the wind.  These amazing scarves by Eunice Kern can provide that child like fun for you anytime with the scarf to match your spring collection.


Quack…..’nuf said.



There you have it!  A few new arrivals.  Come downtown today to see what else we have in-store for you!

See you downtown!

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