Tuesday, March 24, 2009

National Quilting Day

Did you know it was National Quilting Day this past weekend? I have asked a few people today as they came in and out of the shop - I've heard many yes's, but far more no's. I even received a "And I care because?..." Well, let me tell you why! (aren't you glad HE asked?!)

Quilts not only are amazing arts of work, but a piece of our history. They can include family history, stories of our family background, pieces of clothing that our families members once wore, etc. Quilting folklore dates back to colonial times. And today's quilt artists can start an entirely new story for you and your family. For me - I just love them. I collect them, use them, and abuse them. I don't buy the really nice ones because I want to use them and it would kill me to see them ruined by careless children and myself.

Anywhoo - in celebration of National Quilting Day - I wanted to share some of the quilts we have at ARTifacts.

Starting with this amazing art quilt by Mevyn Designs, "Circle Quilt". The detail of this quilt is so spectacular! The fabrics are Asian in design and have amazing color. This small snapshot of this wall hanging quilt doesn't do it justice. Come in and see the fine detailing.
This is a wonderful country piece! Junky Monkey took an old window and attached a vintage quilt to the back of the window making a very fun and unique display piece. Perfect for a hallway or bedroom - gives a very warm welcoming feeling.
This bedding quilt has the traditional flower quilt design is a good piece too! Have it for an extra snuggle blanket on the chilly evenings we are still going through or for your bedroom or guest room.

Crazy Quilt Art. I have featured these crazy quilts on frames before - but it still fit the theme for today, so I wanted to include it again. They are fun, and we have 3 designs and quotes to choose from.
The final quilt for sharing is by Happy Trails. Lesa has made a fun wall hanging quilt with very intricate ocean animals embroidered on the quilt. Would be a great addition to a child's room.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Arrivals at ARTifacts

A few new arrivals to feature on this blog. Annie McCord has several new pieces right now to highlight, a fabulous new side board, amazing florals and then this fun primitive piece. This piece offers plenty of storage and 2 shelves for great display spaces. I can picture this in a kitchen or bathroom easily. What a fun piece to add to your collection!
We also have a new collection of photos that have to be seen to believe. They are the Alphabetical architectural elements of Downtown Clarksville! The three Thomas sisters ventured out into downtown Clarksville (a 5 block radius from Hodgepodge & ARTifacts) and found every single letter of the alphabet in our architecture. Fun project - we had a great time! Now you can come and create your family name or what every you want to spell out. Hodgepodge is even giving a 10% discount on framing costs when you purchase the letters from ARTifacts. Let us help you decide what to spell out for your home. They also make a great gift for families that are leaving Clarksville.

The ladies of Busy Bee Antiques have been busy finding unique pieces for your home. This one can't be missed. A most unusual piece is this tall 5 draw with mirrored cabinet. This piece is nice and deep for extra storage - and still has the original wooden wheels for easy moving around the room.

Featured Vendor - Elisabeth Klein

Elisabeth Klein of "Jesus Freak Fashions" is our featured ARTisian for March. Really enjoyed her winter stuff, and I know many of you gave away her scarves for Xmas gifts. Now it is time to get something special for yourself! Elisabeth is working hard on new stuff for the spring and summer - I am very excited about seeing what she comes up with next!

Here is a glimpse of some of the projects she is working on right now: more baby items; table runner; doilies; light afghans; doll blankets; headbands and handbags.

My favorite thing in her booth right now is this darling little hat for babies. It is still just too chilly to take our little ones outside without something on their little noggins. Elisabeth has some great light weight hats in her booth that would be perfect for the chilly breeze still in the spring time air.

Just look at the sweet detailing of the little rose on there! The white hat has a pink flower. Both just darling. And she will customize the size for you no problem. We had a mom in here Tuesday the other day that needed a different size, and Elisabeth is all over making it for her. Let Elisabeth help make a special something for you or just purchase right out of her booth. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for headbands, it is almost the season to get the hair of my neck!

And don't forget to come see "All Quiet on the Western Front" at the Roxy. Tonight is "pay what you can" night.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Featured Vendor - Kate Johnson

One of our featured vendors this month is Kate Johnson, of K(RE)ATE(V). Kate is an incredible artist that enjoys doing special paintings just for you. Her focus these days has been murals and children's paintings - but she can do it all!

I went to Kate in December and asked her to paint fairies on my daughter's bedrooms walls. When she came to look at the room, we discussed that I really would prefer to move into a bigger house in the next couple years. She suggested that she do a painting on a canvas instead of on the walls so I would be able move the painting anywhere I wanted. Well - DUH! This was a great idea! So she started sketching out what she was picturing based on what I told her I wanted.

I showed our favorite fairy artist, Mary Ciceley Barker, and showed her a book that I love that has fairies living in mushroom houses. The next week she showed me this sketch to see if she was heading in the right direction -

We made a few adjustments - and then she started painting. Then she sent me this photo - to make sure she was still going the direction I wanted -

Then this one a few days later -

Then she showed up one day with this amazing painting that my daughter loves so much that she says goodnight to the fairies almost every night!

I was so nervous about paying someone so much money for something I hadn't seen yet - and Kate made all my concerns disappear with her amazing communication through the entire process! And she gives everyone the same service - whether it is a portrait, wall mural or canvas painting like above! If you have a custom piece or a bare wall that needs a special look on it contact Kate through us here at ARTifacts - see what she can make special for you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gail Meyer's Originals ON SALE

I failed to mention one very important detail. Gail Meyer's, one of our fabulous local artists, is having a sale on all her art in her booth. Come by before it gets picked over (today is the 3rd day of the sale, and we have already sold several pieces - so I mean it!)

See you soon!

Spring FORWARD, Fall Backwards!

Time.... time is a very precious thing! I know it is something that I wish that I had more of. More time for my family, more time alone with my husband, more time to finish projects, more time to get my to-do list done, more...more...more. Well, I am afraid that you are about to lose a bit more of your precious time tonight. It is that time of year that we SPRING FORWARD our clocks by 1 hour.
So, since TIME is all on our minds, I thought a TIME post would be appropriate! Of course, I promptly sold a clock that I was going to use for this great idea of mine and I am left with only 3 time pieces to feature. Well - that is ok - here they are!

Both of these clocks are perfect for a desk, mantel or bookshelf. They are very pretty and ornate in style - and the colors are classic. I love them both, but for different reasons. The one in the front is fun and I love the wood work designs- and I love the ticking noise! The one in the back is classic clean lines and minds me of one a friend in high schools family had. I like it then and like it now!

Next we have pocket watches! Pocket watches are extremely collectible right now. Broken or working - it doesn't matter. Ladies are wearing them as necklaces, and men are starting to carry then in their pockets. I have always loved their classic look. This one is in Jo Rhoads. Jo is one of our featured vendors this month. More on her later then month.
Well, that about ends the TIME I have today. Hope everyone has a fabulous TIME this weekend! (I will stop now, just not stop TIME!)