Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Featured Vendor - Kate Johnson

One of our featured vendors this month is Kate Johnson, of K(RE)ATE(V). Kate is an incredible artist that enjoys doing special paintings just for you. Her focus these days has been murals and children's paintings - but she can do it all!

I went to Kate in December and asked her to paint fairies on my daughter's bedrooms walls. When she came to look at the room, we discussed that I really would prefer to move into a bigger house in the next couple years. She suggested that she do a painting on a canvas instead of on the walls so I would be able move the painting anywhere I wanted. Well - DUH! This was a great idea! So she started sketching out what she was picturing based on what I told her I wanted.

I showed our favorite fairy artist, Mary Ciceley Barker, and showed her a book that I love that has fairies living in mushroom houses. The next week she showed me this sketch to see if she was heading in the right direction -

We made a few adjustments - and then she started painting. Then she sent me this photo - to make sure she was still going the direction I wanted -

Then this one a few days later -

Then she showed up one day with this amazing painting that my daughter loves so much that she says goodnight to the fairies almost every night!

I was so nervous about paying someone so much money for something I hadn't seen yet - and Kate made all my concerns disappear with her amazing communication through the entire process! And she gives everyone the same service - whether it is a portrait, wall mural or canvas painting like above! If you have a custom piece or a bare wall that needs a special look on it contact Kate through us here at ARTifacts - see what she can make special for you!

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