Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just some fun pieces

I really didn't know what I wanted to blog about today - so as I was walking around the store seeing all the new stuff I could write about - I was struck by some of our more unique pieces that people may have over looked! So - I wanted to make sure you knew about them just in case!
I remember one of my favorite things about going to my Aunt and Uncle's house was drinking from their Grimace glass cups and their collection of Ronald McDonald plates! These now collectible pieces are in Jo Rhoad's booth. So fun! Such memories! So valuable now!
I am a crafter. I love little bits of vintage jewelry, ephemra and bobbles! This collection in Vintage Mary's booth is great for crafts and putting that little accent piece on your new purse, sweater or what ever - to give it that special unique flair! Most of the items in this collection are only $3.
Those unique bobbles and bits of vintage jewelry are sitting on this beautiful buffett. I had 2 people in the last week comment that they hadn't noticed it before. Well - here it is! In amazing condition and a steal at $370.
Gail Meyer has put up a new display of art that I am really enjoying right now. The reds in several of her newest addition to her ARTifacts display are incredible - bold, bright and they really draw you in.
I have always enjoyed these small pieces of unique art. These pieces where done by local artist, Kate Johnson of K(re)ate Designs. They are all fabric and whimsical shapes cut out from felt. Such fun for a kids room or nursery. Their is also a helicopter design available.
Anyway - more this week on new arrivals - like all the great new frames from Keepsake Memories. They have new items in their booth. Some will get you choked up - others will make you laugh out loud!
Till next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amazing Weather

So - this has been the most beautiful July ever! Can you stand how amazing it is? I am in heaven and it is a wonderfully comfortable temperature up here at ARTifacts. I almost put on a jacket this morning cuz I was getting chilly!

So - what's new? Well I have already mentioned that Patsy Dollar, The Loose Potter, has joined us here at ARTifacts, but I think I neglected to share many photos of her wonderful items with you all - I am fixing that right now!
I love these little plates! I am considering sending a set to my best friend in England, for her to serve her kids (my Godchildren) snacks on. Not only do I see these for small snacks, bread, or even a holder for my corn on the cob - but they're all kinds of other uses for this set of plates. How about for candles, keys, jewelry on your dresser table, etc!
I love the color on this collection of pots!
Our Loose Potter also has several bowls she has added appropriate phrases on the top edge. Great gifts or bunco prizes!

My other best friend's Mom collected teapots for many years. Every time I see these teapots, I think of Pam. She would have loved these pieces!
There are more options at the shop - I am only sharing a few of The Loose Potter's art - now come in and see the rest for yourself!
Hope this posting finds you all well - and enjoying amazing weather!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Merchandising Class 101

As many of you know, Paige King-owner of Hodgepodge, is also the owner of ARTifacts. But all the of the booths up in ARTifacts are decorated and merchandised by the renters of the booth. Many of our tenants have asked Paige for help with merchandising their items as wonderfully and effectively as Paige and her crew have it down in Hodgepodge. I asked Paige if she would do a merchandising class for our booth tenents, and Tuesday - we did just that.

The front entrance at ARTifacts is a hot place to display items. They move quickly when people get to see them in a great display. Paige decided to conduct this class with the theme of a wine party in the garden. The students task was to walk around ARTifacts looking for items that would be appropriate for this theme. This photo is of the work in progress -

We had a great time - and found some wonderful items (hidden treasures if you will) to create an amazing display. Sadly, these photos don't do the display justice at all - and now many of the pieces have already sold - so I am having to fill in with items we didn't have room left for - so this display is ever changing and updating! Come see for yourself!

Some of the items included are different types of art that had a wine theme - including Gail Meyer's painting, a vintage reprint of a wine advertisement, a sign stated "Carpe Vino - Seize the Wine!", a painting by Reisa Peters
This items made for a great display! We took a vintage pickle jar from the FiLo booth (First In, Last Out) - and a vanilla soy candle made by Tina Vowels - filled the jar half way with old wine corks - LOVE the way it looks. Used an old window pane on the top of an old wash tub to make a table display. This old double wash tub would be amazing at a party filled with ice and wine bottles for everyone to serve themselves.

The silver trays and mirror are always a great back drop for display - at home or at a shop. Of course, we couldn't forget a melted wine bottle turned into a cheese tray for snacks for our guests.

Hope you are inspired to create a fresh new look in your house and throw a wine & garden party of your own!
Cheers! Or should I say Salude!

RENT at the Roxy

Have you seen this yet? You should! Amazing!

Call for tickets today!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Vendors

So we have a few new vendors to feature this month - starting with Honey Dog!

Honey Dog has 2 major focuses in their booth. First, their handmade soaps that smell divine! I love the raw look of these soaps and really like their packaging. Also, they have made lip balms for you.
Next from Honey Dog are their amazing handmade leather bags. They have wonderful coloring, design & of course, the smell of leather! I love their special touch of the sea shell as a decorative addition. They are already selling well, so come and check them out!

Keepsake Memories is also a new addition to ARTifacts - featuring enchanting phrases engraved on painted wood frames. Some of the phrases are ones that you have heard before, but most are ones that touch your heart and beg to have that special photo placed inside.

Reasonably priced and many colors and styles to choose from.

These items would be great for wedding gifts, house warming, hostess gifts or baby gift. Come sift through the different statements to find the one best for your home.

Hope to see you downtown soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sales at ARTifacts!

There are several sales happening at the shop, so I wanted to share. Of course, it is bad timing for me to not have a camera to give you some updated photos - so I a sorry I don't have any new pics for you today!

25% off all furniture in Piece by Peace
50% off all greeting cards/mousepads in Anne Kelle Designs
Pink Tag sale in Junky Monkey
15% off Relative Collections booth (excluded ABC photography & China Jewelry)

See you soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WORKSHOP: Photoshop Elements

By now you all know we have workshop space that is available for renting. For the Saturday's in August - we are booked with a really exciting set of classes. Photoshop Elements!

Here is the class outline. Sign up at ARTifacts today!

Photoshop Elements Classes
Saturdays in August
Instructor: Jillian Romero

11am to 1pm
Each Class $20 or all three for $55
Must be pre-paid (Class must have a minimum of 3 students, max of 7)

Intro to Photoshop Elements: Level 1 – Saturday, August 1 OR 8
1. Quick tour of tools bar and element
2. Organizing functions
a. Create albums and importing images
3. Adjusting color in images
a. Fix exposure problems

Intro to Photoshop Elements: Level 2 – Saturday, August 15 OR 23
1. Repairing and retouching images
a. Cropping
b. Red eye
c. Removing unwanted items
d. Removing backgrounds
e. Enhancing foreground
2. Adding text
3. Working with bitmap, grayscale, and indexed color modes

Intro to Photoshop Elements: Level 3 (level 2 class required before sign up is allowed) – Saturday, August 30
1. Paintbrush mode
2. Combining multiple images
3. Advanced Editing techniques
4. Create postcards, calendars, etc

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Independence Day Decorating

Several vendors have worked hard on creating a bit of Americana in ARTifacts to celebrate our Independence Day this week.

Enjoy these photos and have a safe holiday weekend!

Relative Collections

LilyBelle Antiques

Junky Monkey

Busy Bee Antiques display

Stainglass & Mosaic Artist, Lee Ireland

Peggy Bonnington, Artist