Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just some fun pieces

I really didn't know what I wanted to blog about today - so as I was walking around the store seeing all the new stuff I could write about - I was struck by some of our more unique pieces that people may have over looked! So - I wanted to make sure you knew about them just in case!
I remember one of my favorite things about going to my Aunt and Uncle's house was drinking from their Grimace glass cups and their collection of Ronald McDonald plates! These now collectible pieces are in Jo Rhoad's booth. So fun! Such memories! So valuable now!
I am a crafter. I love little bits of vintage jewelry, ephemra and bobbles! This collection in Vintage Mary's booth is great for crafts and putting that little accent piece on your new purse, sweater or what ever - to give it that special unique flair! Most of the items in this collection are only $3.
Those unique bobbles and bits of vintage jewelry are sitting on this beautiful buffett. I had 2 people in the last week comment that they hadn't noticed it before. Well - here it is! In amazing condition and a steal at $370.
Gail Meyer has put up a new display of art that I am really enjoying right now. The reds in several of her newest addition to her ARTifacts display are incredible - bold, bright and they really draw you in.
I have always enjoyed these small pieces of unique art. These pieces where done by local artist, Kate Johnson of K(re)ate Designs. They are all fabric and whimsical shapes cut out from felt. Such fun for a kids room or nursery. Their is also a helicopter design available.
Anyway - more this week on new arrivals - like all the great new frames from Keepsake Memories. They have new items in their booth. Some will get you choked up - others will make you laugh out loud!
Till next time!

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