Friday, July 17, 2009

Merchandising Class 101

As many of you know, Paige King-owner of Hodgepodge, is also the owner of ARTifacts. But all the of the booths up in ARTifacts are decorated and merchandised by the renters of the booth. Many of our tenants have asked Paige for help with merchandising their items as wonderfully and effectively as Paige and her crew have it down in Hodgepodge. I asked Paige if she would do a merchandising class for our booth tenents, and Tuesday - we did just that.

The front entrance at ARTifacts is a hot place to display items. They move quickly when people get to see them in a great display. Paige decided to conduct this class with the theme of a wine party in the garden. The students task was to walk around ARTifacts looking for items that would be appropriate for this theme. This photo is of the work in progress -

We had a great time - and found some wonderful items (hidden treasures if you will) to create an amazing display. Sadly, these photos don't do the display justice at all - and now many of the pieces have already sold - so I am having to fill in with items we didn't have room left for - so this display is ever changing and updating! Come see for yourself!

Some of the items included are different types of art that had a wine theme - including Gail Meyer's painting, a vintage reprint of a wine advertisement, a sign stated "Carpe Vino - Seize the Wine!", a painting by Reisa Peters
This items made for a great display! We took a vintage pickle jar from the FiLo booth (First In, Last Out) - and a vanilla soy candle made by Tina Vowels - filled the jar half way with old wine corks - LOVE the way it looks. Used an old window pane on the top of an old wash tub to make a table display. This old double wash tub would be amazing at a party filled with ice and wine bottles for everyone to serve themselves.

The silver trays and mirror are always a great back drop for display - at home or at a shop. Of course, we couldn't forget a melted wine bottle turned into a cheese tray for snacks for our guests.

Hope you are inspired to create a fresh new look in your house and throw a wine & garden party of your own!
Cheers! Or should I say Salude!

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