Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jo’s Collections

Jo is one of my antique dealers.  I think I can safely say that she is by far the most knowledgable antique dealers I know.  She has an eye for the most unique and amazing pieces.  And when she finds something unique, she does her research – then provides it to all of us by including that information in her booth along with the pieces. 

Did you know that the 911 system was invented in Clarksville?  It was!  Learn about it, and see the some of the art of the inventor in Jo’s booth.   Here are just a few of the special pieces you can find in Jo’s booth.  Hurry in because she has a fantastic sale happening in her booth – 30% off!!  But who knows when that sale will be over!





Monday, July 26, 2010

Flash, Glam & Porcelain


LilyBelle Antiques has an addiction – but that is ok, cuz it seems many of our customers do too – to vintage cameras.  This one is still inside the box with extra bulbs

Handmade baby doll bed

Guy has added this adorable doll baby bed in his booth.  Perfect for most doll babies or American Girl dolls.  At an amazing price for handmade! Ladder back chair and quilt

White painted ladder back chair in the Loose Potter booth and this green and white quilt.  I also have an addiction to quilts.  My husband has cut me off for the time being – and since it is 100 degrees outside today I think I can live with that a while longer. DSCF0082 Also new in the Loose Potters booth – she has been feeling the creative bug in the jewelry arena lately.  Saturday she brought in lots of new pieces – and these are my 2 favorites – hope you like them too!  I love all the different colors and shapes of the top necklace – this style is very popular right now (this is a save me from myself please piece!).

Then the piece below with the wonderful orange and turquoise

Jewelry set by Loose Potter DSCF0086

Also by Loose Potter – this delicate porcelain plate. The delicate leaf designs is so unique and just lovely!

See you downtown!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reflections, Silky and more

Still playing catch up for all the amazing new pieces at the shop!  I can’t believe how much new stuff we have here – you have got to come by and see it to believe it!

Another beautiful frame in Oh Baby!’s booth.  She has done her painting technique on it, and made it into a wonderful frame.  I love that it is such a substantial piece, and still large enough to do the job you want of a mirror (I just don’t understand mirrors smaller then 5 inches – do you?  I get that they are accents but I want a mirror to be bigger and make spaces seem more alive and bright – 5” can’t do that. 


vintage detailed mirror I am so impressed with these two pieces – but especially this cross. I love it.  It is delicate, but substantial.  Detailed and bold.  All of Appealing Jewelry Designs are incredible – the detail I have told you many times before is just amazing!

Wire wrapped necklaces by Appealing Jewelry Designs Another new piece that is entirely wire wrapped.  What a beautiful piece! 

Wire Wrapped Pendant - Gold wire 

This frame from VIntage Mary’s booth is really sweet and is a great accent to any room.

rose frame 

I love this old french print, also in Vintage Mary’s booth.  A new arrival with vintage flair. 

Old French Print Vintage slip from Vintage Mary too. The lace is so pretty.  DSCF0063 See you downtown!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whimsy & Classic

So, I wanted to share a few more new arrivals with everyone – the vendors have been working hard on their booths, and I know it is hot here – but really – you don’t want to miss out on some of this great stuff!  Everyday we have more vacationers coming through here – and I always want my regular customers to have first shot at the deals at ARTifacts – so, here are a few more.

DSCF0024 Classic silverware.  I love the tarnish color on these. 

DSCF0025 Whimsical puppy – but not just a puppy!  It was a lamp!  No kidding!  Leave it the way it is or rewire it to have a very unique lamp!

DSCF0026 It is NO secret that I have a think for old postcards.  But look at these – I bet a bunch of you have actually been to these places or LIVED in these places.

DSCF0033 More whimiscal!  I love it!  This “BYE” is from Dollhouse, as are the clothesline of vintage aprons below.  What I really love about it is her idea of where to display it.  She says on her tag “I used to have BYE hanging above my door” – such a cute idea!

DSCF0034 Always keeping her booth fresh – Oh Baby has added more frames for your enjoyment and creativity!  This group are all painted white – but after I took this photo she brought in more frames of all different colors.

DSCF0039 This bird accented metal candle stand is wonderful – I love the birds and the style.  Hard to describe, but well worth the visit to the shop. 


Don’t forget it is Market day in downtown Clarksville!  Grab your market basket or stop by Hodgepodge on your way and get one – but don’t miss out on this incredible local farm produce and other goodies!  The deals can’t be beat!!

See you downtown!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beautiful Set, Flying Creatures and more!

LilyBelle Antiques always has incredible finds in her booth. They are both unique and always an incredible deals.  This photo below of a beautiful kitchen set is no exception to that standard. This 9 container set is charming and lovely and would add to the display of any kitchen.  And at $60 – you can’t bet the deal!

collectible vintage kitchen set

Wonderfully delicate, incredibly unique – this  lovely bird is so sweet and has many possibilities for display.  In Gabriele’s booth, this vintage piece is very special.  Sorry my photo isn’t great of it though.

collectible ceramic bird

One of our vendors has more vintage jewelry then she knows what to do with.  So she has joined ARTifacts to sell it all.  Her pieces are all unique and extraordinarily affordable.  She just added these shutters to help display more of her pieces.vintage earringsWe have so many new arrivals right now, I don’t want to drag on and on – but here are a couple more for today.

Bob the Builder has been busy at work creating new pieces for you.  And now you can have him paint the pieces for you – any color you want!  This toy/boot/shoe/bed footer/etc box has many possibilities and is just waiting for you to decide how you can use it.  At $55 it is an incredible deal – and just add $15 and he will paint it any color you want.  That is a great deal!

unfinished toy box 

Gail Meyers is still having her booth sale – until the end of this month as a matter of fact – but we may not have mentioned the newest addition to her booth.  She has added artcards.  She took a photo of one of her most popular pieces – the painting of downtown Clarksville very own ROXY REGIONAL THEATRE – and has reproduced the image onto greeting cards.  At $2.50 a piece – the quality is truly framable – or gift-able to anyone you need to drop a line too who loves the Roxy as much as we all do!

Roxy Regional Theatre Art Cards- Gail Meyer 

Gotta point out that bay side restaurant painting too.  It reminds me of my childhood –trips with Mom & Dad.  I love it.  I can actually hear the seagulls!

See you downtown!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Arrivals

Relative Collections has been busy at work on their booth – many new changes have made big changes to their booth.  Let’s check some of them out.

They have made up some really great new chicken wire memo boards.  All different colors and fabric patterns.  Already sold 2, so come check them out before they are gone!

This green one has been sold to a good customer/good friend.  She purchased this one and covered it with photos of her grandbabies.  She sent me this photo this morning and it is wonderful! And aren’t her grandbabies adorable!!


View the album above to get a look at the other wire memo boards in stock right now. 

More new arrivals at Relative Collections ~

DSCF0035 Wow!  Love this storage chest. 

DSCF0036These two vintage iron pieces are the most unique I have ever seen. I just love them!


This new green cabinet is also extremely unique.  We think maybe it is from an old kitchen because of how decorative the crown molding on the top is.  But who knows what its history is!


This architectural piece is truly amazing!  About 8 feet tall in total. 

Now, I know you are dying to come down and see all these in person – so I will see you soon, downtown!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

From a Kids Point of View

Before my computer crashed and burned a few weeks ago, my oldest daughter came into work with me for the morning.  She loves to come in here.  Not sure if it is for some one on one time with Mom without the intrusion of her younger sister, the frequent visits downstairs to see Aunt Paige at Hodgepodge, the brownies she always manages to talk me into letting her get at Blondie’s, or the freezer full of ice cream she always asks me if she can have while she is here.

No matter what the reason, some of my best memories of my childhood include going to work with my Dad – so who am I to stop her from joining me every now and again.  It is after all a family business here – so I know Paige (the big sister and the boss) will forgive me for bringing her along – and typically can put her to work for some things and get some extra little stuff done as a bonus.

So, now that I have my laptop back- I was finally downloading my month worth of photos to see what I have in here.  Tons of new arrival photos from a month ago for here at the shop, all kinds of photos of our church’s VBS at the end of June, photos of us playing in the sprinkler and the creek at Rotary Park – but then – there were these weird angled photos of the shop here. 

It took some looking, but I finally remember that my daughter had asked if she could take some photos of the shop with my camera.  It is fun to see ARTifacts through her eyes.

Care to join me?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Featured Artist for July – Peggy Jennings

You have to see Peggy’s art to fully appreciate it – see it in person.  But it is bright, sunny, cheerful and just FUN!
Peggy is a graduate from APSU with a BFA in graphic design.  She has worked in Nashville for 29 years now as a designer.  She is currently the Merchandising/Design Director for a chain of retail stores across the nation.  She is also a freelance illustrator and her illustrations have just been published in a children’s book.  Here are a few photos of Peggy’s amazing work. 
Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist Peggy Jennings, artist
Now – I know you are just itching to get in here and see all these pieces for yourself – you will not be disappointed!  Promise.  See you downtown!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am BACK!

Typing on my newly returned to me laptop!  The grief and suffering are over and I am ready to share all the GREAT stuff we have in here for you again!

First off – we are doing Early Bird Specials all this week.  Come in the shop and get special savings in several of our booths.  The Early Bird Specials are from 9am to 12pm.

Next!  Let’s share some new arrivals.  Then you have to promise to come and get some of these – SAVE me from myself please people (and my husband) cuz I want all of these things for my own home:

savemeI really think this desk would be so cute in my girls bedroom.  But we are talking (again) about getting a new house – so I really should be reducing the amount of furniture we have until we find something – not increasing.  I love it though.  Perfect for a kids room or craft room.  And you can’t beat the price that The Dollhouse has put on this dresser!  At only $44 it won’t be here long!

saveme1This great wicker chair is also in The Dollhouse. I want it for my front porch.  LOVE IT!  Don’t you?  Save me!!

reisa peters, Teal DoorI LOVE this painting of Reisa Peter’s.  It is just speaking to me!  Maybe I should say yelling.   Please save me!

Peggy Jennings, painted soda shop chairThis chair is from our July featured Artist’s booth, Peggy Jennings.  Peggy brought in a ton of new items last week for her artwalk debut – and I have a list of items I want from her booth too. I will tell you more about Peggy tomorrow in a full post on her – but PLEASE PLEASE save me!


This wire wrapped cameo piece by Appealing Jewelry Designs is just amazing!  I want it.  Have nothing special to go with it – not for any particular reason – I just love it!  I beg you SAVE ME!!! (and Rachel is participating in the Early Bird Specials too!!)

Lauren Martin, Goblets We have a new potter here at ARTifacts.  Now I hope to feature her new booth later this week – but SAVE ME!!!  These goblets. I want them! I want to send one to my best friend in VA and one to my best friend in England – then (greedy I know) keep the other 2 for myself! 

Well, it is good to be back online – I hope you all missed me as much as I missed posting.

Don’t forget – Early Bird Specials this week.  Tomorrow starts Porkin’ In The Park BBQ Contest, Downtown Market on Saturday!  It is a full weekend!!  Enjoy and SEE YOU DOWNTOWN!

Friday, July 2, 2010

We are back online!

While I am still waiting for the arrival of my healed laptop – I have finally been able to get my computer at home ready to handle my blogging from here.  And thankfully, I have the wonderful Ashley to do photography for me since I haven’t seen my camera since we finished Vacation Bible School last week.

So much to catch everyone up on!  New vendors, new products, new (old) stuff, and events!

First – tomorrow is The Roost Vintage Sale in addition to the Downtown Market.

roostLogoI can’t wait to see what the ladies we have participating this month have for us to indulge ourselves in now!

Tomorrow will be the last day of our Independence Day sales at ARTifacts – and we will be closing at 2pm – so don’t miss out on some great deals.

Next week – we will be offering Early Bird Specials!

earlybirdcolor Come in Tuesday – Saturday and we will have specials for you in many of our booths that are only available until 12 noon!  Come in, get some special items, get some special gifts and special early bird prices and then  you can head home or to your other errands before the summer heat hits later in the afternoon.  More on this later!!

Tomorrow I have fantastic news about one of our featured vendors this month – Peggy Jennings.

See you Downtown!  Cheers!