Friday, May 29, 2009

More New Stuff...

So many new things I know I can't get to them all - but here are some more - AND I will post a few more in a day or so too!
These new pillows from Elisabeth in Jesus Freak Fashions are so cute! Nice for the living room couch or kids room or guess room. They would add great dimension to any space. Elisabeth has also made new headbands (not pictured) and chokers and belts - they really add a fun flair to the ho-hum clothes we have to wear in the summer heat!
I could have sworn that I featured this piece already, but I can't find any posting with it, so I am doing it now. This cabinet is a favorite of mine. It has 21 smaller drawers, and 6 large drawers. What a great tool for organizing - or for your special craft or artistic side that has small pieces of things all over! This is a great tool to get you organized and still looks GREAT~ So much nicer then those darn plastic drawers from Wal-Mart!
This quilt is also a new arrival. Lesa McDonald has out done herself. Just look at all the detailing on this quilt! It would be a great wall hanging for a baby room or gift for anyone that likes the fantasy culture.
I love these stacking foot stools. Not sure if it is the funky fabric or the fact that they stack out of the way when not being used - but they are clever and fun all in one!
Finally, I need to put a plug in for my nephew and the Roxy Regional Theatre. I am so proud of my nephew for getting 2 parts in the summer productions at the Roxy. First he is Gus-Gus in Cinderella - opening tonight! These programs are always a delight, and I hope you make it to at least one of these shows this summer!
Hope you enjoyed your latest ARTifacts tour.
See you downtown!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I wanted to mention the sale going on with one of our jewelers. Becca Droge, of Droge Designs, is leaving us. She is moving to another state so her husband can continue with his schooling. So, she will be moving out her beautiful pieces soon. But before she does, come see what jewelry she has left and is on sale for 15% off everything.

Please - come see them in person - my photos don't do the jewelry justice at all!

New Arrivals at ARTifacts

More new arrivals at ARTifacts~

These new wallet size zipper bags are so cute! I love the fabric patterns, so cute! I have one, and I am already thinking I need another one! They are perfect for these new purses that are in style now - you have to dig and dig for everything because the purses have no pockets. These little bags are perfect! I put all my hair clips and pens in the bag I got. Now I want one for all my receipts and little pieces of paper all over my purse that I am afraid to throw away for whatever reason. Come check these cute things out!

Gail has blessed us with a new piece of art. This one is spectacular with the colors and the depth given to the bottles. You have got to see it to really get the full idea of this piece.
We have a new chiffarobe here too - and it is a great deal. Everyone is always asking about chiffarobes and wanting them - so hurry in if you want one! It is only $110!

Lesa McDonald has added these unique leather keychains to her booth. I am already eyeing the one with the star on it for my deputy husband!

These new dresses are so darn cute! Come check them out! And after I had already loaded all these photos and had pretty much outlined what I was writing, she brought in more clothes for the ladies. She has altered and dressed up some pieces making them unique, one of a kind pieces. Come see them too!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Featured Antique Dealer - Vintage Mary

So, you all know by now that I have a weakness. Antiques are my weakness. I love them! Used to be consumed with finding the perfect furniture for each little cubby space in my house. My weakness reach the level of addiction, and Paige, my wonderful sister had to do an intervention. I have slowed down now (note I said SLOWED, not stopped!). I was always wanting the next best deal in furniture....but I have moved on and seen the error of my ways(getting caught!)

Now, however, I have found a new way to enjoy a good shopping trip. I have discovered SMALLS!!! Smalls are all the accessories we place ON the fabulous furniture we have already purchased. These "smalls" include all kinds of items. Tabletop accessories, vintage jewelry, prints, framed items, vintage jewelry, dishware, vintage jewelry, glass dishes, vintage jewelry (are you getting the idea?)

Vintage Mary is a booth in the second room, in the middle left side. Her booth is full of fun smalls. I constantly am back there playing with her jewelry - and have purchased many things from her collection (my favorite of which is my beautiful brooch that I wear on my corduroy jacket all the time! LOOOOOVE it!)
The prints Vintage Mary has collected are also lots of fun - you can see on this photo the variety she has. Some customers love to go through her vintage purses.
Here is one of my favorite displays that Vintage Mary has done up in her booth. The hankies are a perfect spring necessity (sniff sniff), while the vintage wallets are also fun.
Come down and check out the fun pieces in Vintage Mary's booth. She is always tweaking and playing, moving and shuffling, adding and changing her display. Come see for yourself!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Trails - Featured Artisan for May

Upon entering ARTifacts I hear lots of initial comments. "WOW, I didn't even know you were here!", "This place is so big!", "OH GOODY" and "This is amazing!"

They slowly walk through stopping at each booth taking in all the great things to see. When they arrive at Lesa McDonald's booth - they stop - then walk in slowly - take it all in.

Then they start picking stuff up! They pick up the beautifully made purses and comment on the high quality of the sewing. They comment on the fun designs for the practical grocery bag holders - many appreciating that a needed item for our kitchens CAN be made attractive! The mothers and grandmothers of little girls love the fun hair bows. Typically I hear a giggle or a chuckle at the aprons with "hug a tree" embroidered on the front. New items added to Lesa's booth are leather key chains - already proving to be popular.Then I see a smile of appreciation for the tea towels with the bible quotes embroidered on the front.

All of Lesa's items are professional quality - I dare say, better quality then you will find at any department store! And it will reflect your personality and no one else in the world will have the same purse as you!

Lesa doesn't like good-byes, so she instead says Happy Trails - so, I will close with that sentiment with my thanks to her!

Happy Trails!


Ann Kelle Designs - Featured Artist of the Month

Our featured Artist Vendor for May is Ann Kelle Designs. Many of us are already familiar for Kelle's designs, but this month we have some exciting news to share! First, is the Spring Cleaning sale! All of Anne Kelle products currently in the booth are 50% off! Just look as some of these great designs! The inventory is dwindling, so hurry in for the best selection!

These popular bulletin boards covered in custom fabrics by Ann Kelle Designs are also 50% off!
Kelle of Ann Kelle Designs is introducing an ARTifacts exclusive line of stationery for all your special occasions. There are nearly 40 designs in the new line. She has custom designs for birth announcements, birthday parties, baby & bridal shower, and personal stationery. You can order 15 invites or over 100. Customize the colors, fonts and words to be exactly what you need. Kelle’s designs are fun, colorful, clean. Come see what Kelle has for your next special event. Here are just a few examples of the options you have
Bridal Shower Invite:
She has many special birthday party invitations - including this pizza party, a laser tag party and more.
And she has the most precious birth announcements!

Best part is you can get them right here in ARTifacts - and no where else! We can help you write up your order here in the shop. Customize your words, colors and fonts - get the invitation you want for all your occasions.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


How Do They Do That?

Is that a question you ask yourself? I ask myself that all the time (or I ask Paige....actually most of the time I ask Paige!). For over 2 years now, Paige has been offering these classes downstairs at Hodgepodge with this theme in mind. Now we have moved up to the next level!

Hodgepodge & ARTifacts are proud to announce


A full day full of crafts, ephemera, glitter, and glass! Starting at 9am and continuing through the entire day and into the evening, we will be offering classes by some amazing local teachers who will guide us through all kinds of projects that we will return home with TRIUMPHANT and say "I KNOW HOW THEY DO THAT!"

We have 16 classes to choose from. They are in 4 - 2 hours sessions. So, you can go to the website and pick up to 1 class for each session. Learn how to make these ephemera filled nichos (dreamboxes), or make a vintage window cabinet; maybe you want to make an "America" banner for your Independence Day festivities? Or have birthdays coming up and you want to make necklaces for your favorite people. We have classes for everyone - all skill levels and all interests!

Check out our website for details on this event, the classes offered, the instructors, and all the FAQs that are now swimming through your mind!

Space is limited for each class, so don't delay! Registration ends May 25th!