Friday, May 29, 2009

More New Stuff...

So many new things I know I can't get to them all - but here are some more - AND I will post a few more in a day or so too!
These new pillows from Elisabeth in Jesus Freak Fashions are so cute! Nice for the living room couch or kids room or guess room. They would add great dimension to any space. Elisabeth has also made new headbands (not pictured) and chokers and belts - they really add a fun flair to the ho-hum clothes we have to wear in the summer heat!
I could have sworn that I featured this piece already, but I can't find any posting with it, so I am doing it now. This cabinet is a favorite of mine. It has 21 smaller drawers, and 6 large drawers. What a great tool for organizing - or for your special craft or artistic side that has small pieces of things all over! This is a great tool to get you organized and still looks GREAT~ So much nicer then those darn plastic drawers from Wal-Mart!
This quilt is also a new arrival. Lesa McDonald has out done herself. Just look at all the detailing on this quilt! It would be a great wall hanging for a baby room or gift for anyone that likes the fantasy culture.
I love these stacking foot stools. Not sure if it is the funky fabric or the fact that they stack out of the way when not being used - but they are clever and fun all in one!
Finally, I need to put a plug in for my nephew and the Roxy Regional Theatre. I am so proud of my nephew for getting 2 parts in the summer productions at the Roxy. First he is Gus-Gus in Cinderella - opening tonight! These programs are always a delight, and I hope you make it to at least one of these shows this summer!
Hope you enjoyed your latest ARTifacts tour.
See you downtown!

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