Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Featured Antique Dealer - Vintage Mary

So, you all know by now that I have a weakness. Antiques are my weakness. I love them! Used to be consumed with finding the perfect furniture for each little cubby space in my house. My weakness reach the level of addiction, and Paige, my wonderful sister had to do an intervention. I have slowed down now (note I said SLOWED, not stopped!). I was always wanting the next best deal in furniture....but I have moved on and seen the error of my ways(getting caught!)

Now, however, I have found a new way to enjoy a good shopping trip. I have discovered SMALLS!!! Smalls are all the accessories we place ON the fabulous furniture we have already purchased. These "smalls" include all kinds of items. Tabletop accessories, vintage jewelry, prints, framed items, vintage jewelry, dishware, vintage jewelry, glass dishes, vintage jewelry (are you getting the idea?)

Vintage Mary is a booth in the second room, in the middle left side. Her booth is full of fun smalls. I constantly am back there playing with her jewelry - and have purchased many things from her collection (my favorite of which is my beautiful brooch that I wear on my corduroy jacket all the time! LOOOOOVE it!)
The prints Vintage Mary has collected are also lots of fun - you can see on this photo the variety she has. Some customers love to go through her vintage purses.
Here is one of my favorite displays that Vintage Mary has done up in her booth. The hankies are a perfect spring necessity (sniff sniff), while the vintage wallets are also fun.
Come down and check out the fun pieces in Vintage Mary's booth. She is always tweaking and playing, moving and shuffling, adding and changing her display. Come see for yourself!

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