Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother’s Day is coming!!


Mother’s Day is on it’s way – are you going to be ready this year? I always blow it, always.  I get the call in – but never the card in the mail.  This year I am committed to doing better!  (And I really better do better, since Mom is likely reading this!)

So, I wanted to help everyone out with some inspired ideas of items that I would be fantastic Mother’s Day gifts!






mothersday copy



Another special piece of art from Rachel Ison – I love the words on this leather woven bracelet. 




Not only is the bracelet beautiful, but the sentiment is perfect.






Eunice Kern carefully and lovingly hand paints each and every one of her striking silk scarves.

Each scarf is a work of art.

No two are alike.

The colors are vibrant and rich.




Both of these items will show your impeccable taste and love & appreciation for your Mom or the Mother of your children. 

If you can’t decide – no worries!  I have more ideas for you.  I will share in a few more days – so stay tuned or even subscribe to be a follower of our blog.

Don’t forget – we have gift certificates too!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Creation Tuesday

 CreationTuesday copy

Welcome to Creation Tuesday!  I am having a hard time with the photos I am taking today – so these photos really don’t do the creation justice, and I am sorry about that.  I took about 20 photos, and photoshoped and photoshoped some more – still couldn’t get it to look the way it truly looks.  I gave up – so come in and see these items in person – since the photos aren’t the best.


This amazing wire wrapped bracelet by Rachel Ison is just exquisite!  Rachel does the most intricate designs that are just spectacular!  This particular bracelet just arrived in the shop today – and won a huge “WOW” from me.  In this bracelet, Rachel used Sterling Silver Wire and the tag doesn’t say it, but I think that is gold wire accents on there too.  The stone is a wonderfully spring moss colored green aventurine.  Come back later to see more of Rachel’s pieces – I am working on a post of ideas for Mother’s Day and she has several items that I am thinking about featuring for that post!


Gabriele Wardiener, artist, created this mixed media collection.  I love the medical theme here.  The apothecary jars and vintage pill boxes – love them!  This collection would be so cute in a doctors office, powder room or bathroom.  Very fun and inspirational.

Remember – Kentucky Derby Daze & The Roost are coming this weekend!





Come back tomorrow for the beginning of Mother's Day gifts ideas.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reminder – Kentucky Derby Daze


This starts next week – with our grande finale on Saturday with treats & drinks to wet your whistle while browsing all our Derbys!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab Find for April 23


So, here I am walking around the shop – trying to select just ONE item to feature as today’s Fab Find!  Not an easy feat I tell you.  So, instead I am going to tell you about, well more then 1.  I still haven’t decided how many, frankly I took about 12 photos of what would, in my humble opinion, qualify perfectly.  But  I will try and restrict myself to less then 12.  Here we go!

fav 5OK – I am torn on this little suitcase and I need help deciding.  The shape, size and color of this little suitcase are just too charming for words.  But then the drawing on the front with the “going to Grandma’s” – couldn’t be sweeter!  So – which is your favorite part of this Fab Find?  Can’t decide?  No need to I guess, we can just love it all together!  This Fab Find is in K(re)at(iv)e’s booth along with some new paintings that you must come check out!

fav3  This beautiful and very unique piece from Vintage Mary is my next Fab Find for this Friday.  I love the beautiful painting of the roses to be sure – but what makes this so unique to me – is that beautiful glass bowl shade with this amazing trophy style lamp base.  It has the nicest warm glow with the lights out. And you can’t beat the price – especially since Vintage Mary still have a sale going on in her booth!!

Ok – I think I am going to end the blog here – I figure this way, I can keep your interest and make you excited to come back next Friday for more Fab Find! 

See you then!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creation Tuesday


Welcome to the first edition of Creation Tuesday!  The first vendor I wanted to feature is Peggy Jennings – fairly new vendor at ARTifacts.  Most of Peggy’s art is mixed media and is very creative.  The pieces in particular really are fun!  Peggy starts with old barn wood, and rusted sheet metal. and creates all kinds of different images.  Buttons, old earrings and more make up these unique and special one of a kind pieces.  Peggy makes some incredibly fun pieces.  These are perfect accent pieces for that niche you couldn’t find the right size piece for – or a great gift.  I just love these pieces – and I know you will too!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two New Features


Some of my favorite blogs have regular features – so I have been wanting to do them too – here is what I have selected.   I will do 2 regular features a week – the first (a day late because I am going to post today for yesterday!) will be “Fab Find Friday:.  Here I will feature a fantastic find from my many incredible antique dealers.  I will feature items that catch my eye, are an incredible deal, or have an incredible story with them.

FunFriday copy

Next, I will feature an artist or handcrafted item on “Creation Tuesday”. This will be a fun one – since we have so many amazingly talented artisans here at ARTifacts.

CreationTuesday copy

On that note – the first installment of Fab Find Friday!


I love this spool drawer in Vintage Mary’s booth.  All original knobs and just useful for so many things!  Would be cute in a bathroom, craft room, kitchen, children’s room – on and on!  It is a great deal marked at $235! (This weekend she has a sale for 20% off in her booth!  Great deal for this very unique piece.

fav1I love these birds!  Ideas are ENDLESS for these vintage wonders!  That said – they are SOLD already!  They made it into the shop, and 24 hours later, they walked out with one lucky gal!  But I still have a photo, so I wanted to share!

Bake Oven BowlsThese Bake Oven ceramic collectible bowls are the bees knees!  I just LOVE them!  They would make the perfect accent piece in any kitchen!  Just $75 for the set/3 it is a great deal (this weekend she has a sale for 25% off too!  Can’t beat that!)

So, those are my Friday (on Saturday) Fab Finds! 

Let me know what you think of this new feature!



2010 Rivers & Spires!

So, we are half way through the 2010 Rivers & Spires Festival!  I hope you have made it down or have plans to make it down today or tonight – don’t want to miss the Charlie Daniel’s Band!

Just wanted to give you a few photos of our booth out on Franklin Street, in front of Hodgepodge.  We are having a great time and meeting lots of new people.  Don’t forget to stop by and say hi!



This photo features items from The Loose Potter, Artistic Eye, Jennifer Reverri, The Dollhouse, Jo Rhoads Antiques, Gabriele Wardiener, and Oh Baby!


Here we have items from Relative Collections, Ashley RIchardson – Photography, and others.


More pieces from our fantastic vendors – including Sharla Adams Jewelry, Vintage Mary, and others.


Featured here is Bob the Builder, and more.

Thanks to all the vendors who helped out in the booth this year – our involvement in this event wouldn’t be possible without your help!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rivers & Spires started 1 hour ago!!!

Rivers & Spires started 1 hour ago!!! I hope you make it downtown for the Rivers & Spires Event this weekend. If you do, please come by and see us at ARTifacts. WHEN you do - you will be rewarded with savings from these vendors!

Sharla Adams Jewelry 10% off
Bob the Builder 20% off
Rachel Wainwright Jewelry - 20% off
Gail Meyer, Artist - 20% off
Ashley Richardson, Photography - 20% off
Vintage Mary - 20% off
Reisa Peters, Artist - 30% off
Relative Collections Antiques - 20% off
ABC Photography - 25% off, including Special Orders
Carine Harris - 20% off

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kentucky Derby Daze

So excited!  We are getting ready for the occasional sale, recently dubbed “The Roost Vintage Sale” on our second level – and now we have scheduled an event at ARTifacts to compliment this event perfectly! 

Our vendors will be celebrating the Kentucky Derby by creating hat art!  I have no idea yet what to expect – but I promise you that it will be fun – full of creativity and definitely competitive!!  To participate in the voting for the best Kentucky Derby Hat Display, stop by April 28th through May 1st.  One lucky customer will win a prize just for voting! 


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Occasional Sale has a NAME!

So, Paige & I brainstormed, threw ideas out there….walked away…..threw a couple more ideas out….walked away some more.  Paige got inspired, we had a revelation – and we had a name. 

The Roost Vintage Sale

(get it? Roost?  On the second floor of the shop? – well, we think it’s clever!  I know I am patting Paige on the back for this one!)

Then it was time for the logo.  Tell us what you think!  We are excited!  So – in case you missed the details before here is the main point! 


THE ROOST VINTAGE SALE – Saturday, May 1st. 

We still have a few booths open for this event.  Check out our original post to learn more about this event if you are looking to be a vendor – or contact Paige or myself to learn more!

Then follow up at ARTifacts – and place a vote….for what exactly you might ask.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about THAT! 


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Featured Vendor – Bob the Builder

Our next featured vendor for this month is Bob the Builder.  If you can dream it up, Bob can build it!  Do you need a bench?  He already has several here for you to pick from.  Need a blanket chest?  One is here – but he can make one the exact size that you are looking for.  Pie safe? TV Cabinet? Shelves?  Storage?  Anything you need – Bob can build it!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clarksville Family Magazine Craft

Remember last month I gave everyone a sneak peek at an craft project article I was writing for Clarksville Family Magazine? Well, it has published and I am already getting loads of comments about it. 


So – here are some photos of the final project – then some photos- step by step - of the project we did with our kids. 

We made professional style copper garden signs!  These were tons of fun to do as a family – I love that the kids added extra pieces to dress their signs up.  And already, my “garden” sign is starting to patina – it looks so cool! 

First, the final family project

Now here are the individual steps we took to make the final signs. 

Don’t you want to make your own?  We have the supplies for sale in kits at the shop – but supplies are limited – so call to reserve yours to make sure we have enough to go around!  Or email me at the shop:

If you make one – please email me photos – I will post to the blog – I want to see what you make!  Join in the fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Announcing – Occasional Sale

Occasional Sale – Shamelessly stolen from Hodgepodge’s Blog – why recreate the wheel?

You've seen them in all of your favorite magazines--you've been reading about them on our favorite blogs, but you've been wondering if they'll ever come to your area.  Guess what, we've been wondering the same thing!  And guess what else?  We have the room to make it happen!  So, in one month we will hold our first  "First Saturday  Occasional Sale..”

Think mini flea market where you’ll find only the best of the best—no discontinued make-up products, no games for Sega Genesis systems, no sweat socks!  This is for vendors who have a knack for display, an eye for style and more stuff than they can fit into their own homes!

We’re looking for vendors for this rain or shine event, so if you think you fit the bill, download one of our applications and bring it into Hodgepodge or ARTifacts with your payment to secure your space.  The location is the way-cool urban chic floor above ARTifacts.  It’s inside and you will have time to set-up your displays in advance—like THREE days in advance, should you choose!  We only have room for ten vendors (actually, only 8—two reservations already!) so respond ASAP!

If you need some inspiration for the types of vendors we’re looking for—check-out one of these links:

Miss Frenchie’s

Marburger Farmns Antique show

Anyhoo, we think it’s a great idea.  Keep your eyes here . . .we’re sure you’ll be pleased!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Baby! booth has moved!

As I mentioned in a previous update, Busy Bee Antiques has moved out of ARTifacts to begin an all new venture – starting their own new store here in Downtown Clarksville, Fleur De Leis!  They hope to open by River’s & Spires – so stay tuned for more info about that. 

In the meantime – Oh Baby! has moved up to the front of the shop and now she is directly across from me!  The booth looks completely different – and like it is all new stuff.  It is so cool how that happens!  Here are a few quick photos for you to see what a different a small move can make!

Some of the pieces Oh Baby features include loads of vintage frames painted with Caromal Colour’s paints- made to last!  Many upcycled furniture pieces that once were at a second hand store ready or ready for the dump.  Kathy has completely revived them with a new coat of paint and her amazing amazing paint technique. She has all kinds of new signs that are fun too – and always has her Angel’s of Reclaim made up from pieces of vintage hardware, door hinges, jewelry bits, vintage fibers and more – these angels are wonderful gift ideas and each one is completely different from the last!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Featured Antique Dealer for April – Jo Rhoads

When asked about her antique collection Jo Rhoads says, “Antiques are the root to our past. As a young girl, I was fascinated by the beautiful old furniture and the dishes of the “Greatest Generation”. Now I try to share the glimpse of the past with the young women of today by collecting a “spattering” of history in the form of my displays at ARTIfacts. I have a myriad of items to offer, from pieces of furniture, glassware, and vintage jewelry. My motto is: If you cannot find what your looking for, take my card and tell me, I will find it for you.”

Check out a sampling of Jo’s collection by coming into ARTifacts, and below in this slide show. 

Some of my favorites of Jo’s are photographed here – I love the transferware, I covet the Weiss Rhinestones, and I love all her collectible glassware – and I can’t resist all her amazing estate jewelry!  Make no mistake about it – Jo knows her antiques, knows her estate jewelry and know the history of most of the pieces in her booth.  What a joy to talk to also – she is just FULL of information!