Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab Find for April 23


So, here I am walking around the shop – trying to select just ONE item to feature as today’s Fab Find!  Not an easy feat I tell you.  So, instead I am going to tell you about, well more then 1.  I still haven’t decided how many, frankly I took about 12 photos of what would, in my humble opinion, qualify perfectly.  But  I will try and restrict myself to less then 12.  Here we go!

fav 5OK – I am torn on this little suitcase and I need help deciding.  The shape, size and color of this little suitcase are just too charming for words.  But then the drawing on the front with the “going to Grandma’s” – couldn’t be sweeter!  So – which is your favorite part of this Fab Find?  Can’t decide?  No need to I guess, we can just love it all together!  This Fab Find is in K(re)at(iv)e’s booth along with some new paintings that you must come check out!

fav3  This beautiful and very unique piece from Vintage Mary is my next Fab Find for this Friday.  I love the beautiful painting of the roses to be sure – but what makes this so unique to me – is that beautiful glass bowl shade with this amazing trophy style lamp base.  It has the nicest warm glow with the lights out. And you can’t beat the price – especially since Vintage Mary still have a sale going on in her booth!!

Ok – I think I am going to end the blog here – I figure this way, I can keep your interest and make you excited to come back next Friday for more Fab Find! 

See you then!


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