Monday, April 5, 2010

Announcing – Occasional Sale

Occasional Sale – Shamelessly stolen from Hodgepodge’s Blog – why recreate the wheel?

You've seen them in all of your favorite magazines--you've been reading about them on our favorite blogs, but you've been wondering if they'll ever come to your area.  Guess what, we've been wondering the same thing!  And guess what else?  We have the room to make it happen!  So, in one month we will hold our first  "First Saturday  Occasional Sale..”

Think mini flea market where you’ll find only the best of the best—no discontinued make-up products, no games for Sega Genesis systems, no sweat socks!  This is for vendors who have a knack for display, an eye for style and more stuff than they can fit into their own homes!

We’re looking for vendors for this rain or shine event, so if you think you fit the bill, download one of our applications and bring it into Hodgepodge or ARTifacts with your payment to secure your space.  The location is the way-cool urban chic floor above ARTifacts.  It’s inside and you will have time to set-up your displays in advance—like THREE days in advance, should you choose!  We only have room for ten vendors (actually, only 8—two reservations already!) so respond ASAP!

If you need some inspiration for the types of vendors we’re looking for—check-out one of these links:

Miss Frenchie’s

Marburger Farmns Antique show

Anyhoo, we think it’s a great idea.  Keep your eyes here . . .we’re sure you’ll be pleased!


  1. HI! You know I would LOVE to be at your show...alas with my huge items and upstairs just not possible. Laughing at my self at 5foot 1inch I am doing great to get items from the trailer to the ground. If you ever have a space outside waving my hand...first one to sign on as I love what you are planning!

    Oh...also want to know if you want to trade buttons so I can show you on my blog roll. As you do not have a follow area.

    So happy to of met you at the flea. It was a real treat and next time I MUST get a picture of y'all to blog about. I wish I knew of someone with a large barn so we could do it Texas Style ..grin

    Best wishes, cindykay

  2. Ohhh! This sounds great! I bet there will be some awesome stuff! I'm excited! :]