Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Occasional Sale has a NAME!

So, Paige & I brainstormed, threw ideas out there….walked away…..threw a couple more ideas out….walked away some more.  Paige got inspired, we had a revelation – and we had a name. 

The Roost Vintage Sale

(get it? Roost?  On the second floor of the shop? – well, we think it’s clever!  I know I am patting Paige on the back for this one!)

Then it was time for the logo.  Tell us what you think!  We are excited!  So – in case you missed the details before here is the main point! 


THE ROOST VINTAGE SALE – Saturday, May 1st. 

We still have a few booths open for this event.  Check out our original post to learn more about this event if you are looking to be a vendor – or contact Paige or myself to learn more!

Then follow up at ARTifacts – and place a vote….for what exactly you might ask.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about THAT! 



  1. I really like it! Especially the bird at the bottom of the logo! :)

  2. I thought it was on the 3rd floor. I'm interested in getting involved, Kendall. But am not quite sure how it works yet...