Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two New Features


Some of my favorite blogs have regular features – so I have been wanting to do them too – here is what I have selected.   I will do 2 regular features a week – the first (a day late because I am going to post today for yesterday!) will be “Fab Find Friday:.  Here I will feature a fantastic find from my many incredible antique dealers.  I will feature items that catch my eye, are an incredible deal, or have an incredible story with them.

FunFriday copy

Next, I will feature an artist or handcrafted item on “Creation Tuesday”. This will be a fun one – since we have so many amazingly talented artisans here at ARTifacts.

CreationTuesday copy

On that note – the first installment of Fab Find Friday!


I love this spool drawer in Vintage Mary’s booth.  All original knobs and just useful for so many things!  Would be cute in a bathroom, craft room, kitchen, children’s room – on and on!  It is a great deal marked at $235! (This weekend she has a sale for 20% off in her booth!  Great deal for this very unique piece.

fav1I love these birds!  Ideas are ENDLESS for these vintage wonders!  That said – they are SOLD already!  They made it into the shop, and 24 hours later, they walked out with one lucky gal!  But I still have a photo, so I wanted to share!

Bake Oven BowlsThese Bake Oven ceramic collectible bowls are the bees knees!  I just LOVE them!  They would make the perfect accent piece in any kitchen!  Just $75 for the set/3 it is a great deal (this weekend she has a sale for 25% off too!  Can’t beat that!)

So, those are my Friday (on Saturday) Fab Finds! 

Let me know what you think of this new feature!



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