Saturday, December 20, 2008

A bit late, but still

I thought this post happened before XMas, but apparently, I am not too saavy with this blogging thing yet. So, here is the post I intended for before Xmas! Then I will be doing the post for today!

We still have a few more shopping days until Christmas, so let's take care of some of your last minute shopping ideas!

One of the newest additions to ARTifacts is a stationery designer. Anne Kelle Designs has brought in her exclusive boutique line to ARTifacts. These designs are fun, bright and vibrant! Also available are personalized invitations and announcements. My favorite right now is this set of all different kinds of stationery in a small suitcase for storage. All your letter writing needs are covered with this one kit. Come in and pick one out!

Next are the sewing designs of "Happy Trails". Happy Trails has a wonderful collection of unique purses in great fabrics, aprons with embroidered holiday quotes, hair ribbons and more! Come see what Happy Trails has for you!

Next is a wood working that we like to call "Bob the Builder". Bob makes great benches, stools, and side tables for every affordable prices. Also in Bob's booth is a bench made from an antique head board. Plenty of fun items in Bob's booth to check out.

Jo Rhoads has an eclectic collection of antique smalls. A great holiday collectible are the dated blue and white plates that came

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Ideas for Special Gifts

So right across from my desk are 2 jewelry artists that totally tempt me all day EVERY day to play with their stuff and take them home with me! Today I am going to talk about Becca Droge - her pieces are so pretty! She uses a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, silver, bronze, and copper. What I like about her pieces is the ease of wearing - they are elegant, fun and unique. Perfect gift idea!

I really enjoying the mural on the wall in our front room also. This booth is owned by Kate Johnson of K(RE)ATE(V) designs. I like it so much as a matter of fact, I have commissioned her to do a painting for my daughters birthday this year! I will share with you once I get it in - but if you want a portrait done for Grandma of your little angel, Kate would be a great person to get into contact with. I can hook you up with her here at ARTifacts, and you can see samples of her work here too.

Next is a fabulous booth of wonderful florals, holiday deco and wonderful antique pieces. Annie McCord is the name of this booth. Cheryl Barton, a Clarksville native, floral designer extraordinaire! Her pieces are just amazing! Although her arrangements would make a perfect gift for a newlywed that is still working on gathering their holiday decor - but you may have a hard time parting with these unique designs, and have to keep one for yourself!

In addition to be a whiz at framing for Hodgepodge, Reisa Peters is an amazing artist who has her booth in our second room. Most of the pieces Reisa currently has on display are pastels, with a impressionist feel to them. Her work is provocative, come check it out for another special gift idea.

That's it for today from this edition of ARTifact's Xmas Ideas! See you next time!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas from ARTifacts

So, I want to start a bit of a series between now and Xmas to highlight each booth and what they have to offer you and yours for the holiday gift giving season!

Starting with Theresa Thomas's booth in the very back of the shop. Theresa loves to take old stuff and dress it up with fun decorations that make fun display pieces, that no one will have the same decoration as you in the world, not just here in Clarksville. Here are a few photos of her unique collection!

Next, from our middle room is Gabriele Wardeiner amazing art pieces. Gabriele has art cards starting at $2 each (better deal then most Hallmark cards out there!) that have a special touch to all of them. While Gabriele does have these cards year round, her booth is full of ones for the Winter Holiday season. They are blank inside so they are ready for your personal note to your family and friends. Also, Gabriele has artwork covering her walls with all types of themes that might be the perfect gift idea for someone you are stumped on a gift idea for!

Finally (for TODAYS blog that is!) are the collection of Christmas Carol houses we have on display. This ceramic houses are collectibles from the Dept 56 collection - there are some from the Dicken's Village series and from the Christmas Carol collection - we even have several limited editions from these collections.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well, we are well on our way with ARTifacts! As a matter of fact, I am THRILLED to report that we are now 100% full! I can't believe it, but I have officially started a waiting list for people interested in our next opening! I am terribly thrilled and can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help we have gotten along the way - and how much we appreciate our vendors.

There is much to do with the time I have left today, so mostly I want to let everyone know about our first big event here at ARTifacts! Our First Annual Holiday Open House! (I have been told that we can't have a "first annual" anything, that it should be called a debute, but I like the positive feel of the first of many annual Holiday Open Houses!).

So please tell your friends and bring the family down to experience the newest addition to Historic Downtown Clarksville.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well, we did it. ARTifacts: an arts & antiques emporium is open for business.
Kendall and the vendors have been working double time to get it open. We are almost at max capacity with vendors, but several have yet to set-up due to scheduling conflicts. (This is what we call a "soft opening;" you don't make a lot of noise about it until you've got it running smoothly!)

We enjoyed a great ArtWalk last night. I hope the vendors were as pleased as Kendall and I were. We had the usual amount of chaos--a broken, apparently 50 gallon, punch bowl on the third floor, which ended-up on the second floor ) just the punch, thank goodness for small favors. We had a lot of lookers and a lot of shoppers!
The space has something for everyone--fine arts, country antiques, original jewelry designs, candles, primitives, shabby chic, farmhouse chic and original wood creations.
We're planning a Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 20th. An opportunity to say thanks for all of your encouragement and "look at what we did!"
I'll turn-over the majority of the blogging to Kendall and the vendors. They'll have up-to-date info about the shop, new arrivals and ideas you can use.
I hope you get a lot of our efforts--please share your ideas with us!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Dream

This is the opening blog for what Kendall and I hope will be another reality.
We're hoping this blog will be filled with posts regarding the plethora of antiques and arts you will find at our newest venture, ARTifacts, An Arts & Antiques Emporium.
I'm not entirely sure this will happen--capital is needed, as are vendors, employees, improvements, you name it. I do feel, however, if I start acting like it will happen, it stands a better chance.
The plan is for approximately 20 booths of various size on the second floor of our building. The entrance will be located on what is now Legion Street, but soon to be Strawberry Alley. It will operate as most antique malls do. Booths will rent to individual vendors who will be responsible for their own displays and inventory. We will require superior displays and quality merchandise. No mass produced product will be allowed.
We plan to be a jury of two with regard to admitting the vendors and we're particular. We want everyone to have the opportunity to make this a successful venture, which can only be accomplished if everyone adheres to the strict guidelines with regard to display and inventory.
I guess that's enough ramblin' about something that's not even a sure thing.
There will be more to follow . . . I hope!