Friday, January 23, 2009


Thank you to everyone for making our Grand Opening Event a huge success! It was so fun to see everyone here, dealers, customers, friends and family! Thanks for showing your support to all of us - and of course to our vendors!

A special thanks to all our vendors for helping me with refreshments & of course, the wonderful items many of you donated for the drawing we did! I bet everyone wants to know who won what that night, so let's get started!

Melissa Martin selected one of John Glass's amazing handcrafted wooden boxes, with paneling he recovered from the Madison Street United Methodist Church after the tornado.Maggie Smith, from Blondie's Sandwiches, stopped by with a donated tray of cookies & brownies for our event! THANKS MAGGIE & ANDREA! Very thoughtful of you all! AND YUMMY!! And as luck would have it, Maggie was also a winner - she picked the cozy, warm scarf donated by Jesus Freak Fashions, Elizabeth Klein. Can't wait to see it on you Maggie!

Brenda Karns was our next winner, and she picked a melted wine bottle from Lee Ireland Art Glass Works. These wine bottles are so fun for parties and hostess gifts!Marianne Straka selected a pair of Becca Droge's beautiful earrings with fun swirls on the bottom. Hope you enjoy those Marianne (or your daughter in law does!)

Jennifer Stewart
(who by the way is a House Keeper extraordinaire! She uses only natural products - she ROCKS!) choose beautiful rose quartz earrings by Pat Jones - I love these! But I love all of Pat's jewelry. This photos shows jewelry by Pat & Becca.
Beverly Fisher just stopped by and selected her prize. She selected a print donated by Caroline Evey of Mullonah Falls. It is beautiful! Congrats Beverly!
Ricki Holleman selected one of Gail Meyers mini paintings, which I just love! I have already sent one to my Mom - but my sister who was supposed to be delivering it to her, liked it so much she "lost it" in her kitchen counter! (You know, if you wanted one Nikki, you should have just ASKED! )
Now we are waiting to hear from our final winners to see which items they select!But I can tell you what they have to select from when they do call!

First we have 2 sets of cards from Gabriele Wardiener
And finally we have bath salts for peace & calming and a tea towel with embroidery wording. This prize was donated by Happy Trails.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Grand Opening Event TOMORROW

Join us for our Grand Opening Event, Saturday, January 17th from 10am to 6pm. 124 Strawberry Alley, Historic Downtown Clarksville. We will have several drawings for prizes and of course, wonderful shopping opportunities!