Saturday, May 2, 2009


How Do They Do That?

Is that a question you ask yourself? I ask myself that all the time (or I ask Paige....actually most of the time I ask Paige!). For over 2 years now, Paige has been offering these classes downstairs at Hodgepodge with this theme in mind. Now we have moved up to the next level!

Hodgepodge & ARTifacts are proud to announce


A full day full of crafts, ephemera, glitter, and glass! Starting at 9am and continuing through the entire day and into the evening, we will be offering classes by some amazing local teachers who will guide us through all kinds of projects that we will return home with TRIUMPHANT and say "I KNOW HOW THEY DO THAT!"

We have 16 classes to choose from. They are in 4 - 2 hours sessions. So, you can go to the website and pick up to 1 class for each session. Learn how to make these ephemera filled nichos (dreamboxes), or make a vintage window cabinet; maybe you want to make an "America" banner for your Independence Day festivities? Or have birthdays coming up and you want to make necklaces for your favorite people. We have classes for everyone - all skill levels and all interests!

Check out our website for details on this event, the classes offered, the instructors, and all the FAQs that are now swimming through your mind!

Space is limited for each class, so don't delay! Registration ends May 25th!

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