Saturday, July 10, 2010

From a Kids Point of View

Before my computer crashed and burned a few weeks ago, my oldest daughter came into work with me for the morning.  She loves to come in here.  Not sure if it is for some one on one time with Mom without the intrusion of her younger sister, the frequent visits downstairs to see Aunt Paige at Hodgepodge, the brownies she always manages to talk me into letting her get at Blondie’s, or the freezer full of ice cream she always asks me if she can have while she is here.

No matter what the reason, some of my best memories of my childhood include going to work with my Dad – so who am I to stop her from joining me every now and again.  It is after all a family business here – so I know Paige (the big sister and the boss) will forgive me for bringing her along – and typically can put her to work for some things and get some extra little stuff done as a bonus.

So, now that I have my laptop back- I was finally downloading my month worth of photos to see what I have in here.  Tons of new arrival photos from a month ago for here at the shop, all kinds of photos of our church’s VBS at the end of June, photos of us playing in the sprinkler and the creek at Rotary Park – but then – there were these weird angled photos of the shop here. 

It took some looking, but I finally remember that my daughter had asked if she could take some photos of the shop with my camera.  It is fun to see ARTifacts through her eyes.

Care to join me?

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