Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whimsy & Classic

So, I wanted to share a few more new arrivals with everyone – the vendors have been working hard on their booths, and I know it is hot here – but really – you don’t want to miss out on some of this great stuff!  Everyday we have more vacationers coming through here – and I always want my regular customers to have first shot at the deals at ARTifacts – so, here are a few more.

DSCF0024 Classic silverware.  I love the tarnish color on these. 

DSCF0025 Whimsical puppy – but not just a puppy!  It was a lamp!  No kidding!  Leave it the way it is or rewire it to have a very unique lamp!

DSCF0026 It is NO secret that I have a think for old postcards.  But look at these – I bet a bunch of you have actually been to these places or LIVED in these places.

DSCF0033 More whimiscal!  I love it!  This “BYE” is from Dollhouse, as are the clothesline of vintage aprons below.  What I really love about it is her idea of where to display it.  She says on her tag “I used to have BYE hanging above my door” – such a cute idea!

DSCF0034 Always keeping her booth fresh – Oh Baby has added more frames for your enjoyment and creativity!  This group are all painted white – but after I took this photo she brought in more frames of all different colors.

DSCF0039 This bird accented metal candle stand is wonderful – I love the birds and the style.  Hard to describe, but well worth the visit to the shop. 


Don’t forget it is Market day in downtown Clarksville!  Grab your market basket or stop by Hodgepodge on your way and get one – but don’t miss out on this incredible local farm produce and other goodies!  The deals can’t be beat!!

See you downtown!

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