Tuesday, March 24, 2009

National Quilting Day

Did you know it was National Quilting Day this past weekend? I have asked a few people today as they came in and out of the shop - I've heard many yes's, but far more no's. I even received a "And I care because?..." Well, let me tell you why! (aren't you glad HE asked?!)

Quilts not only are amazing arts of work, but a piece of our history. They can include family history, stories of our family background, pieces of clothing that our families members once wore, etc. Quilting folklore dates back to colonial times. And today's quilt artists can start an entirely new story for you and your family. For me - I just love them. I collect them, use them, and abuse them. I don't buy the really nice ones because I want to use them and it would kill me to see them ruined by careless children and myself.

Anywhoo - in celebration of National Quilting Day - I wanted to share some of the quilts we have at ARTifacts.

Starting with this amazing art quilt by Mevyn Designs, "Circle Quilt". The detail of this quilt is so spectacular! The fabrics are Asian in design and have amazing color. This small snapshot of this wall hanging quilt doesn't do it justice. Come in and see the fine detailing.
This is a wonderful country piece! Junky Monkey took an old window and attached a vintage quilt to the back of the window making a very fun and unique display piece. Perfect for a hallway or bedroom - gives a very warm welcoming feeling.
This bedding quilt has the traditional flower quilt design is a good piece too! Have it for an extra snuggle blanket on the chilly evenings we are still going through or for your bedroom or guest room.

Crazy Quilt Art. I have featured these crazy quilts on frames before - but it still fit the theme for today, so I wanted to include it again. They are fun, and we have 3 designs and quotes to choose from.
The final quilt for sharing is by Happy Trails. Lesa has made a fun wall hanging quilt with very intricate ocean animals embroidered on the quilt. Would be a great addition to a child's room.

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  1. I don't have the eye for quilts that Kendall does, but I do apprciate the history and artistry they represent.
    My favorite style has to be the crazy quilt--especially when pieced with velvets, satins and other luxurious fabrics.
    I'll mark my calendar for next year!