Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring FORWARD, Fall Backwards!

Time.... time is a very precious thing! I know it is something that I wish that I had more of. More time for my family, more time alone with my husband, more time to finish projects, more time to get my to-do list done, more...more...more. Well, I am afraid that you are about to lose a bit more of your precious time tonight. It is that time of year that we SPRING FORWARD our clocks by 1 hour.
So, since TIME is all on our minds, I thought a TIME post would be appropriate! Of course, I promptly sold a clock that I was going to use for this great idea of mine and I am left with only 3 time pieces to feature. Well - that is ok - here they are!

Both of these clocks are perfect for a desk, mantel or bookshelf. They are very pretty and ornate in style - and the colors are classic. I love them both, but for different reasons. The one in the front is fun and I love the wood work designs- and I love the ticking noise! The one in the back is classic clean lines and minds me of one a friend in high schools family had. I like it then and like it now!

Next we have pocket watches! Pocket watches are extremely collectible right now. Broken or working - it doesn't matter. Ladies are wearing them as necklaces, and men are starting to carry then in their pockets. I have always loved their classic look. This one is in Jo Rhoads. Jo is one of our featured vendors this month. More on her later then month.
Well, that about ends the TIME I have today. Hope everyone has a fabulous TIME this weekend! (I will stop now, just not stop TIME!)

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