Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So the time has come to let you all know what fun sales event we are having at ARTifacts to help promote all our vendors – some that have been with us from the beginning, so brand new arrivers.  We are excited to be celebrating 50 active vendors in arts, antiques, collectible, handcraft and more at ARTifacts Emporium.

It amazes me daily that we have this many people here in Clarksville with such extraordinaire talents.  I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with all of you and help you sell all the items you lovingly create, time consumingly designed, and researched all these wonderful antiques.

So, now we are giving back to our vendors & our customers!  For the next 15 days I will feature 3-4 vendors each week day (Monday – Friday) I tried to break it into groups of 1 artist, 1 antique dealer and 1 artisan – and most are – but not all worked out that way.  On the day that the vendor is featured you will receive 15% off everything in their booth!  If the vendor has a sale going – like in Vintage Mary, she has a 50% off sale, we will take off an additional 15% after taking the initial deduction.155015

Each evening I will include clues for the vendors that will be featured the next day – so you need to watch our blog each morning to take advantage of this sale event.  Don’t wait for you’re the blog to email to you, likely you won’t get that email until after we are closed for the day – WATCH the blog. 

You will have to tell us that you saw the sale on the blog to get the discount.

See you tomorrow bright and early to see the featured vendors for tomorrow’s 15-50-15 Sales Event.

See you downtown!

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