Thursday, January 13, 2011

Featured Artist–Gabriele Wardeiner

So I have been trying to post this update for Gabriele since the beginning of the month, and for some reason, the slide show software I use doesn’t want to let me.  So here is a different slide show with a different software – cuz I just can’t fight it anymore!! 

“Art should be serious fun” sort of sums up the way Gabriele Wardeiner approaches her encounters with pencils and brushes. Mostly self trained she just enjoys drawing, painting and trying new things on paper, board and even metal. She is also a certified “pack rat”, which comes in handy creating the hundreds of truly unique, special greeting  cards you see in her booth. Rounding up the offerings are some interesting antiques, “almost” antiques and 14 K gold and silver jewelry.

Thanks for shopping downtown - supporting your community and your local artists, antique dealers and fine hand crafters!

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