Monday, September 14, 2009

Another new vendor

Another new vendor is Scrappin' Ever After Scrap booking store in Sango. They are selling their unique items that they teach classes for - and we always say "OH, I am going to go make one of those!" and we don' know you don't have too. Come by ARTifacts and purchase a set of cards, notebooks, personalized tins, etc.

This new idea of Nicole's is incredible! She has these journal boxes. Inside the box are all kinds of questions for you to ask yourself - and journal in the include notebook. The idea is that you are writing this journal for your kids when they are older - a keepsake for them.

I love this idea for Grandparents, deployed parents, everyone!

It is hard to make sure you know all the good stories from loved ones - these journals will help us think outside the box of things we want to make sure we have shared - or stories our kids will just enjoy reading when they are older. A personal memoir.

These are truly a treasure!


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  1. I didnt even know that store was out there until this Saturday!

    So excited that theyre at ARTifacts! :)