Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2010 Issue of Clarksville Family Magazine

For many months now, we have done an article with Clarksville Family Magazine featuring a family art project.   This months feature will be our last project because of time restrictions, but here is our last article for all to see!!

We had a great time with this project!  I have a thing for wooden spools.  Who knows why since I don’t really know how to sew (just as my best friend who has spent countless hours trying to help me seam rip all my errors!!).  So, I have been collecting them when I see them – not knowing what to do with them but knowing there must be 100s of ideas out there.

Here are our Christmas ornament projects all made with wooden spools.  Get the magazine at a local stand to see the whole article, but here are all the photos from our day of crafting fun (even when the kids got bored and the Mom’s kept going!!

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