Sunday, June 6, 2010

Glass Galore

I love glass, vintage colored glass, glass bottles, glass ornaments, vintage glass jewelry – all things glass.  And to top it off, my kids are finally old enough that I can start having a few more glass items around without being overly worried that it will all be broken soon.  (would you believe that my kid broke some of my glass bottles just a few hours after I typed this?!!) …but anyway…

DSCF0013 I have learn a lot about real vintage glass since we opened, I started with learning about the basics - Anchor Hocking Forest Green, Sandwich Glass, Bubble, Fire King Swirl and Blue Mosaic are some popular vintage glass patterns that are easy enough for a novice to pick out among at the dime store glass at a thrift store, and I definitely qualify as a novice.


Jo Rhoads, a vendor that has been with ARTifacts since we opened, has some truly antique, truly special glass pieces.


Love the pattern on this vintage cake stand – the star pattern is very unique.  AND Jo has a sale on it right now. 

DSCF0021 And more glass – this time milk glass – and another special price.

And it isn’t just glass that Jo is offering these star specials on – but all kinds of one of a kind pieces in her booth.  Come check out her exceptional collection of vintage glass pieces – and other hard to find specialty items.

See you downtown!  Cheers!

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