Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jodi’s Natural Body Products

Jodi has been with us at ARTifacts for a while now.  But the other day she brought in some new items to sell that I just had to share.  Then I want to share more specifics with you about her natural body products!

I only use cloth napkins at home.  It is good for the environment, makes me feel like even when the house is a mess, I can put together a nice kitchen table together for our family dinner.  These handmade dinner napkins can will help you with that look too.  Only $5.75/pair


I love these gift bags!  And I love that they are re-usable!  This special touch makes a gift mean so much more!


I am also a dishtowel person. I don’t even buy paper towels now.  And with these new dishtowels that JOdi is making, I won’t have too!  These are so cute & all unique – there is sure to be one here for everyone’s style and kitchen colors (if you care about things like that)  My favorite is the one with the words on it. 


Since we are already talking about kitchen napkins & dishtowels I wanted to mention Jodi’s cappuccino kitchen soap.  THis soap is perfect for wicking away the smells of the kitchen.  Fishy smelling or onion smelling hands will be tamed with this smell neutralizing soaps.DSCF1022

FInally a quick note about her all natural bath products.  My photos (as you can tell above) didn’t come out that well, so I am just going to have to tell you all about them.  She has a wonderful all natural lavender linen spray, face washes, Castile Goat’s Milk soaps, foot spray, natural deodorant, shampoos and conditioners – all scented with essential oils.  You will smell great while doing something special for your body & the environment.


See you downtown!

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