Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kids Store Downtown?

I was at a meeting last month, and someone was saying that they had heard it said that they wish there was more items for kids birthday presents, gifts, accessories at the downtown shops…..well, I think  ARTifacts alone has a ton, then you expand your view to Hodgepodge & Ingredients and there are even more! And as what fun things you can take them to do – don’t forget that the Roxy is about to open their production of "BIG RIVER" - you don't want to miss that!

SO, if you have ever hear the same thing – check out what we have to share with you!

Hodgepodge carries Robeez (soft soled shoes for babies and toddlers), baby quilts, sock monkey collectibles, darling hand made dresses from vintage pillowcases and these monogrammable chenille baby blankets.
Ingredients has kids aprons, kid sized cooking utensils and more!
Here is what you can find in our humble collection of vendors at ARTifacts!

Ballerina painting from Jillian.

More ballerina fun at Tutu Good!  Buy from the selection she has for you – order special order your favorites.


All kinds of kid fun in The Dollhouse!  She has fun hair clips, brooches and more!

Below is a great display example for a kids room.  Love the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell tray and the vintage drawer with favorite reading books stored inside.
What kids bathroom doesn’t need this friendly reminder?  Hee hee
The Dollhouse always has dollhouse furniture for kids to use their imagination.DSCF1105
Personalize these darling shirts for you favorite little ones from Three Lindys
See you downtown!!


  1. And if I can't find it there I can often find something at the museum store. I bought my sous chef the kids cutlery kit for Christmas at Ingredients, it lives on our counter and is frequently used.

  2. great ideas! thanks for the mention.