Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lights of your life & home!

Lighting can be one of the most important decorating elements to any room.  It isn’t always used to provide light – sometimes it is a mood, sometimes it is for height and interest.  Here are some examples of the many different kinds of LIGHT you can find at ARTifacts

DSCF1001 (2)

DSCF1003 (2)

These two luminaries are found in Busy Bee's booth.  For only $5 each!  Perfect for your patio or garden area!




The luminary on the left is in The Daisy for $10, the old cabin style hanging lamp is $20 – from Relative Collections



Also from Relative Collections is a pair of the coachman and carriage lamps for $25 for the PAIR!  The blue ribbon wall lamp from Peggy’s collections is 30% off $15!


This wagon has a LIGHT inside!  COOL!  Has  removable accessories too.  That barrel and shovel on the side can be removed for projects!  Hee hee



The wine bottle chandelier from Jillian’s booth for only $40!  The classic antique glass chandelier in Jo’s booth is a bargain at $250



Cobolt glass hurricane also in Jo’s booth for $48.  This sweet lamp of soft pink glass has a partner- and are a bargain in Busy Bees for $28/pair.



Whimsical black lamp with feathers also in Busy Bees is $15, and a unique brass lamp with upturned lamp dome is $45 – beautiful!



These beauties – have amazing.  But they are sold so I won’t tell you what an amazing deal they were! 



So instead I will show you these two lamps, both from O’Baby (did you know I have been spelling it Oh Baby since the beginning?  So silly!  Attention to detail…) are $14 and $12.


FInally these wonderfully special blue lamps in Filo’s booth, have wonderful color and love the added hobnail detailing.  There is a pair for $35.


You can’t resist these items that will help be the Light in your life!


See you downtown!

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