Monday, December 19, 2011

Eunice Kern Silk Scarves & The Daisy



Not sure what happen here – I thought this post went up before Thanksgiving, but apparently not!  ARGH!  This is the problem with doing blog posts in advance and scheduling them to happen.  Here is the post I THOUGHT had already posted!!

Eunice Kern is a gifted artist, that has taken her talent for art to a new level of creative, and makes wearable art from silk scarves. No two are alike, no two have the same detail or pattern!  Wonderful gift idea for any lady on your list, or…for YOURSELF!


The Daisy always have a full collection of furniture, home décor, building items and more!  There is no telling what she is going to find to share with us!  Just check out this photos  - picture speaks louder than words!!


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