Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Basket Stuffing Ideas

Every year, I try to help the Easter Bunny in filling my kids Easter Baskets.  I always focus on the fun but non-candy items – I figure that Bunny has the candy part covered just fine.  So I try and find this that will last long then a chocolate kiss or a marshmallow peeps – I used to go to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of coloring books, silly toys that break after 1 minute of use, stickers (never a good idea…). 

The past 2 years I have changed the way I do things, focusing on things from ARTifacts and other downtown shops so I can give them things that last longer and frankly mean more.   I am going to share with you some of my ideas for my girls.  Maybe you can comment with some of your ideas too – tomorrow I will share ideas for ADULT Easter Baskets!


Headbands from Purple Magnolia – the spring colors she has in her booth right now are sure to match any and all Easter morning outfits you have selected.


Also from Purple Magnolia – these adorable stuffed owls in all different fabrics. 



G Wizz Expressions brought in this wonderful hair clips.


Love this quilted bunny from Jo’s Antiques.



Didn’t pick out an Easter outfit yet?  Well, this two dresses from our newest vendor, Nana’s Kids, would be perfect!



Bangles, bobby pin clips and earrings all from Horsefeathers Gifts are more perfect ideas for your little one!


Yummy scented soaps from Seay Soaps are always a hit! 


What little girl wouldn’t love a tutu from Libby’s Nook and Cranny!  And her prices can’t be beat!


And always goodies to be had in Blessed Threads booth.  Hats, hair clips, elastics for pulling back your hair and more!

Hope this gives you new ideas for this years Easter Bunny!

See you soon downtown!!

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